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  - A Global Threat Mitigation Firm -
Criminal Justice International Associates (CJIA) is a global threat mitigation firm.  We are practitioners, senior trainers, consultants, and experts in a vast array of counterterrorism measures and intelligence related issues, as well as law enforcement training ranging from operational and administration to intelligence–led policing concepts..
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About Us
CJIA provides conceptual and technical expertise as trainers, consultants, and practitioners in counterterrorism, threat/vulnerability assessment, surveillance detection, attack recognition, site/route analysis and design considerations; surveillance/surveillance detection, analysis of infrastructure security operations, espionage indicators/methods and prevention, analysis/perspectives/strategies of potential adversaries, international travel support/analysis, analysis of intrusive vulnerability (personal/site), intrusive counter-criminal operations, and related security solutions. 
We remain focused on the identification of trends, capabilities, intentions, and  tactics/strategies based on threat indicators involving hostile force(s)/groups and other adversaries.   Complex training is conducted/designed, within a situational awareness environment, with a specialization in applying advanced law enforcement perspective to the execution of counter criminal/counterinsurgency, narcoterrorism, and countering intelligence-applied “tradecraft” issues.  We are also consultants on the investigative direction, attack, and  neutralization of complex criminal and insurgent/terrorist groups.
Major overseas assignments have included operations (among others) in Sarajevo, Bosnia; Amman, Jordan; Athens, Greece; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Khartoum, Sudan; and Tokyo, Japan, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel; Beirut, Lebanon; Kuwait; Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt; Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan; Pristina, Kosovo; Jakarta, Indonesia; Ulaan Bator, Mongolia; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Abuja, Nigeria; Niamey, Niger; Rwanda and Burundi; Bahrain; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Caracas, Venezuela; La Paz, Bolivia; and cities in Mexico.











Threat Assessment/Analysis
Target and Situation Analysis
Surveillance Detection
Attack Recognition
Integrated Security Operations Program (ISOP)
Terrorist Surveillance Considerations
Who are The Terrorists?
Personal Security and Profile Evaluation
Planning Counter-Terrorism Operations
Route Analysis/Design/Considerations/Planning
Countering the Attack
 Vulnerability Assessment
 Facility and Individual Security
Intelligence/Counterintelligence Operations
Operational Security (OPSEC)
Asset Recruitment Cycle (Espionage)
The Hostile Planning Cycle
Mapping and Casing/Area Analysis
 Discreet Camera Use
Planning and Building Your Cover for Action and Status
             CLOSE PROTECTION 
Mission Planning Procedures
 Responsibilities of the CP Operator
Traveling Protection
Advance Work
Protective Formations (on foot)
Movement Formations and Motorcade
 Clearing and Transiting Danger Areas
Protection in Assemblies
 Residence/Meeting/Casual Protection
Reacting to Attack (self, group, principal)
Protective Detail Operations
Counter Ambush Drills
Motorcade Ops
Evasive Driving Skills (escape, threshold braking)
Counter-Ambush (Obstacle avoidance, ramming)
Basic and Intermediate Off-Road Driving
Ramming Techniques/Countering Force
 Dead man/Wounded Takeover
Target Identification and Shooting Accuracy
Multiple Firearms Qualifications
 9MM-  38 cal-  45 cal-  M4-  MPS-  AK-47-  Shotgun)
 Using Cover/Wounded Teammate
 Static and Moving Vehicle/Disabled
Shoot House- Multi- Scenarios
Ex-filtration/ Team Extraction from Hostile Environment
 Clearing Rooms/Buildings/Vehicles
Moving and Firing Scenarios
 Less Than Lethal Scenarios
Management/Administration (Operations and Support), & Leadership
Support Services. Alternative policing services options. 
Legislation, policy and standard operating procedures evaluation and development.
Use of Force, Liability, misconduct assessments.
Police Organizational Management and Restructuring Options.
Criminal Investigations/ Crime Scene issues and Major Case Management.
Assessment of prosecution cases filed (strengths/weakness).
Intelligence Operations and Intelligence-led Policing Concepts.
Patrol Operations/Strategies/Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness.
Covert Police Operations and Managing Contributors.
Border Control Strategies/Tactics and Patrol Effectiveness.
Training Needs/Train the Trainer/ Assessment/ Professional Development & Analysis.
Major Case Incidents/Command/Tactical
Assessing  the efficiency and technical competency of policing services and providing comprehensive reporting and Recommendations to support jurisdictional authority/oversight,  and organizational requirements- as well as  operational and budgetary efficiencies and training/professional needs and development.
C  E O
  Jerry E. Brewer, Sr.
Over 30 years of professional management/leadership experience in the field of Criminal Justice, both within government ad private sectors. Fifteen (15) years as CHIEF OF POLICE- three (3) states. U.S. CONGRESSIONAL AND STATE SENATE AND HOUSE honors.
Well-documented and consistent record of crime reduction and strategic team building; including cost-efficient and exceptional service delivery to culturally diverse populations and major violent crime corridors. U.S. Government- trained COUNTERTERRORISM EXPERT and practitioner, with extensive service to Latin America and the Middle East
    as an intelligence community operative. Bilingual fluency- Spanish.
PUBLISHED AUTHOR AND INTERNATIONAL COLUMNIST on extensive criminal Justice topics-Intelligence; terrorism/counterterrorism; transnational organized crime; international Border security; domestic and international Policing, and related world events. Law enforcement administration/senior leadership; major case investigative management/homicide; intelligence-led policing, and operational security topics. 
The Houston Chronicle; San Diego Tribune; The Miami Herald; Dallas Morning News; The Chattanooga Times; The Austin Statesman; The Sacramento Bee; The Arizona Daily Star; The Taiwan News; Argentina Star; Palm Springs Desert Sun; The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; The Bogota Post; The Providence Journal; Monterrey County Herald; Primeiro Tempo Brasil; The Birmingham Star; The Paris Guardian; Maine Sunday Telegram; The Havana Journal; Fort Worth Star Telegram; Watertown New York Daily; The Augusta Chronicle; The Salt Lake Tribune; The London Mercury; Honduras Weekly; Trinidad Times, Jamaican Times. 
Honors & Awards 
United States Congressional and State Senate/House Honors, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for: “…bravery and salient actions; quick and unflinching response, and exemplary citizenship he has manifested in going above and beyond the call of duty to assure the safety of others.”
Multi-state COURT CERTIFIED EXPERT WITNESS on complex issues.:
Consultant and Court certified Expert Witness in Police Management/Leadership; Police Liability/Use Of Force; Police Procedures; Major Case/Criminal Investigation Management; Death/Homicide/Cold Case, and Intelligence-led policing.
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