Homeroom 323 
Announcements & Reminders:

* During these cold winter months, young ladies are permitted to wear their gym sweatpants (non-PE days) underneath their uniform skirts.  While the sweatpants may NOT be worn indoors, but they may be worn when arriving in the morning, at recess, and at dismissal.  

* Parents - Our homeroom is in need of old T-shirts (white or gray) to be used as whiteboard erasers.  If you have any to spare, they will be put to good use :-)  Thank you!

* Scholastic Book Club Class Code: 


Welcome to a new school year!  I am so excited to begin this new year with all of you!  A new school year allows you the opportunity to start fresh, to expand your knowledge, to improve and grow.  I am honored to journey with you and you will have my support along the way.