Mrs. Riley's Kindergarten Website

Week of January 14, 2019

Dates to Remember:
1/21  No School  MLK Day
1/27  Catholic Schools' Week begins

Our Goal for this Week:
* To learn that God gives us our families
* To learn about solid shapes: cube, cone, cylinder, sphere, rectangular prism
* To write the lower and uppercase Ff and learn its sound
* Ending sounds
* Martin Luther King, Jr.
* To practice for The Gingerbread Man play

* Review sight words pages 1-4
* Practice writing sentences.
*Uppercase letter at beginning of sentence
*Finger space between words
*Period at the end
*Spelling the sight words correctly
*Sounding out words

Thank You
* for helping your child to learn their lines for The Gingerbread Man play

Have a great week!
                                                 Mrs. Meg Riley and Mrs. Carol Vietro