Dress Code

Care in Your Home Ltd attaches the highest importance to ensuring that all of its employees project a professional, and respectful image, in keeping with the Client’s expectation of our staff. This policy outlines a code of dress that will project a positive image, and gives priority to those issues which promote health and safety, security and infection control. 


1.        Staff will at all times dress in a clean and tidy manner, which is likely to inspire confidence. A client will view a carer's appearance to be a proxy measure of competence and professional practice. 

2.        Staff must wear clear identifiers; uniform and identity badge. The Company uniform colours are Burgundy and cream.

3.   Male Carers should wear navy blue or black trousers or shorts (NOT Jeans), and dark coloured shoes with closed toes.

4.   Female Carers should wear navy blue or black coloured TROUSERS, shorts or a skirt (NOT Jeans or leggings). Shoes should be dark in colour, and flat shoes are recommended. If you do wear shoes with a heel, then this should never exceed 1" (25mm).

5.       Staff must wear protective equipment for all relevant tasks, as this shows our commitment to infection control.

6.       Staff should not go shopping or socialising in their uniform, or undertake similar activities in public, when NOT working. 

7.       Staff must change as soon as is practical, if uniform or clothes become visibly soiled, or contaminated with blood or body fluids.

8.       Long hair should be tied back when delivering client care. 

9.   Male staff should be either clean shaven or have a neatly trimmed beard/moustache.

10.      Jewellery should not be worn for health and safety reasons. A single flat band ring and stud earrings are acceptable. 

11.      Staff should keep finger nails short and clean. False nails or coloured nail varnish must be covered with gloves whilst providing care or preparing food.