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Cyber Management Services

As cyber opportunities continue to increase, schools face the task of providing online opportunities for students.  Through a partnership with us, we become an extension of the school/district that assists with the development and management of in-district cyber programs.

Partnership Management Services Advantages: 
Development of an online school that is an extension of the school district
Expedite the implementation of programs that provide online opportunities to students
Enables students to remain a part of their school community
Enables the school district to grow capacity within the program prior to dedicating staff
Provides the district time to develop long range plans
Provides district savings on personnel costs
Assistance in the design and development of district procedures and protocols
Collaboration in program analysis and customized future plans that meet the needs of the district

Suite of Options and Services Possible with Online Learning
Full-Time Cyber, Credit Recovery, Enrichment, Test Preparation and Remediation, Scheduling Conflicts, Homebound Instruction, Blended Learning, Alternative Placement, Summer School, Suspensions/Expulsions, GIEP, Flexible Instructional Days

Cyber Management Services
Management of cyber programs
Communication liaison and marketing of cyber program
Coordination of student and parent information sessions and orientations
Students and parents 
o Facilitation of student enrollment in the program and courses
o Monitoring and reporting of student progress, grades, attendance
o Communication and meetings with students, parents and all stakeholders involved in promoting student success
Coordination of safety-nets that promote student success 
Development and documentation of procedures and protocols 
Facilitation of professional development and training

Point of Contact:  
Reneé Harris
Colonial Intermediate Unit 20
Supervisor of Online Teaching and Learning
Dir. Colonial Virtual Program (CVP)