Summer School 2018 - Colonial Virtual Program

The Colonial Virtual Program provides online learning options to students during the summer.  Regain lost credits, relearn skills to help you advance during the school year or take Accelerated courses to get ahead.

Why Choose Summer School?

* Recover credit and stay on-track for grade level advancement and graduation.

* Take courses to reinforce/relearn difficult material prior to moving on to  the next course.

* Take Accelerated courses and gain full original credit during the summer to get ahead.

* Take an Accelerated course that is a pre-requisite to a course you want to take in school.

* Summer school provides flexibility in the location and time of day the work is completed.   

What Next?  How do I sign up for a summer school course?

 Step 1: Speak with your School/District Guidance Counselor to find out if you are able to take a summer school course through the Colonial Virtual Program.  School officials can contact CVP to create a partnership.

 Step 2: If your school/district is a CVP Partner, discuss with your Guidance Counselor what course(s) you should enroll in during the summer.

Once you have your information, go to and click on "Summer" to enroll and pay for your course.

   *  Each Credit Recovery course costs $275/$280
   *  Each Accelerated Learning course costs $360
   *  Payment can be made on the site
 Step 3:  A CVP Education Specialist will confirm your payment and course enrollment with your home school and contact you through email with additional information.

 Step 4:  Begin your course!
   * Courses must be completed in August 2018, see your specific school information on the website as dates may vary.
   * See the "Tips & Expectations for Success"
   * Seek assistance when it is needed
   * Courses must be completed by August 2018 (extensions will not be granted)

At the conclusion of the term, the Colonial Virtual Program will send grades directly to the school district.

If you need assistance or have any questions please contact:
Renee Harris
Dir. Colonial Virtual Program
Online Teaching & Learning Consultant

Tips & Expectations for Success 
* Create a work schedule that allows for the successful completion of the course within the designated time frame 
* Create a work area where the focus is on learning and successfully completing the course work 
* Ask for assistance when needed! 
* Put effort into completing all assignments 
* Stay organized to make sure work is completed 
* Put effort into completing all assignments
* Maintain an active Email address for communication