Cyber Services - Options for Students, Adults, Schools & Districts

As an educational service agency we provide a variety of services to schools, districts, students and parents and adults.  CIU20's Cyber Services is committed to promoting Cyber opportunities that support online learning programs and enhance educational opportunities.

Colonial Virtual Program - Summer School 2019 - Registration Opens May 13, 2019!

Summer School 2019
Accelerated Learning and
 Credit Recovery

Summer School - Registration Opens in May 2019
Students can participate in Summer School Programs starting in May 2019

The Credit Recovery program enables students to regain  credits not successfully earned during the year.

The Accelerated Learning program is a rigorous program where students can take initial credit courses to fulfill prerequisites prior to returning for another school year.  

For more information on CVP click - here to register for Summer School

Looking for Information on the Colonial Virtual Program?                                                  

To learn more click here - CVP

CVP is an online learning solution offered by the Colonial Intermediate Unit 20's Cyber Services. 

Students are members of their local schools while having the opportunity to take virtual courses on a part-time to full-time basis. 

As a partner with local schools, our structure allows students to earn a diploma from their local school, participate in school-sponsored activities, athletic and extracurricular programs and attend vocational technical high schools.

Need Assistance in Managing Your School/District Cyber Program?

CIU 20's Cyber Management Services:

As schools and districts consider implementing cyber options for students, they may not have the internal structure to manage and coordinate the programs.  Cyber Management Services provides management options to assist schools and districts in the implementation and management of their school/district programs.

To learn more:   Cyber Management Services


“Nearly three out of four (72%) 0-8-year olds have a computer at home"

 "In five states, online learning is actually a criterion for high school graduation"

 "The U.S. and Europe account for more than 70% of the global e-learning industry"

"More than 4 million K-12 students were involved in some type of online learning, up from 45,000 in 2000"

"Companies are increasing their use of e-learning regardless of company size"

"Single and multi-district blended and online programs are the largest and fastest-growing segment of online and blended learning"