Online Teaching & Learning

As an educational service agency we provide a variety of services to schools, districts, students, parents and adults. CIU20's Cyber Services is committed to promoting cyber options that support online learning programs and enhanced educational opportunities.

**SPECIAL NOTE:  During this time of the COVID-19 virus, the Colonial Virtual Program has options to assist schools and districts.  
Please contact Renee Harris at 484-548-3723 to discuss options.**
 Colonial Virtual Program
The Colonial Virtual Program (CVP) is the perfect solution for your online educational program needs.  Our focus is on partnerships, flexibility and service.  

CVP is a comprehensive online learning solution that enables schools and districts to provide their students with online learning opportunities.  Students remain a part of their local school while taking virtual courses on a part-time, supplemental to full-time basis.

Students have access to rigorous and engaging online learning materials and the flexibility to complete school work on a schedule that works well for them.

  Cyber Management Services
  Need Assistance in Managing Your School/District Cyber Program?  Let Us Help.
As schools and districts consider implementing cyber options for students, they may not have the internal structure to manage and coordinate the programs.  

Cyber Management Services provides management options to assist schools and districts in the implementation and management of their school/district programs.  

To learn more:   Cyber Management Services


2020 Registration is CLOSED!

Registration begins June 3, 2020

Summer Session 1 begins June 15,2020

How to Register for Summer School 2020
Registration is a two step process.

Step 1:  Click the following link to the e-store to choose and purchase your course(s).  

*  Once you arrive at the e-store, click 'Summer School' and then choose Credit Recovery or Accelerated Learning based on the information provided by your school.  

*  You can scroll through the store course list or use the search at the top of the screen.  

*  Select the course(s), "Add to Cart", and follow the instructions to create an account, add student information and checkout.  Quick reference directions are below.

*  Link to the e-store to select courses and pay:

Step 2:  After we receive your Course Selection information from Step 1, we will contact you through the email address provided in the E-store to complete the process within 24/48 hours.  

E-Store directions with graphics:

If you need assistance with the E-Store please contact  or 610-515-6566

Credit Recovery and Accelerated Learning

The Credit Recovery program enables students to regain  credits not successfully earned during the year.  Students can demonstrate understanding of prior learning through our prescriptive and pre-testing options and "test out" of material they know.  They can then focus on what is needed in a personalized learning experience.

The Accelerated Learning program is a rigorous program where students can take initial credit courses to fulfill prerequisites, advance in credits and earn credits prior to returning for another school year. 

 Driver Ed. Online Theory Course
Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 and the Colonial Virtual Program provide an Online Driver Education Theory Course that is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The Online Theory Course is a great compliment to the On-the-Road program in preparation to become a new driver. 
The Online Theory Course is 
Coming Soon!  
Please contact