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I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico as baby B.  When I was five, we moved to Rantoul, Illinois where my father became a jet mechanic instructor.  Then at eight, we moved to Macon, Georgia (maternal grandmother's) while my dad had a one year assignment in Saudi Arabia.  At nine, we moved to Amarillo, Texas.  All this moving didn't seem to bother me since I was always moving with my best friend.  At sixteen, we moved to Iowa Park because the Amarillo base was closing.  

After high school, seeking a teaching degree, I attended college for two years but temporarily quit to get married.  My husband was drafted less than two months after our marriage and I was able to spend six months with him in Panama.  I came back to the states before his time was up because I was pregnant with out first child. 

Years later and after two children, I went back to school and graduated with a BSED and a minor in math.

I have taught at both public and private schools.  While teaching at a private school and having an elementary teaching certificate, I decided to get my high school math certification also.  

Both of my children are married, college graduates, and each have four children. My daughter, Kerri, and her family live in Wichita Falls and she works for Child Protective Service.  My son and his wife work at Cornerstone Christian School in San Antonio.  Philip, a licensed minister, teaches high school Bible and Apologetics.

I joined the staff of City View Jr/Sr High in 2007 and was hired at first as a TAKS Math Specialist.  When TAKS faded out, over the years I have taught Algebra I, Math Models, Algebra II, and Advanced Quantitative Reasoning.

Algebra II- The students will learn more basics to be prepared for any math class in the future.
Advanced Quantitative Reasoning This is a course the state has implemented due to the 4 by 4 program that has made it in demand. This is an application of every day math - buying tires, the change in television sizes and if the picture covers the whole screen, stats in baseball and football, observational and experimental statistics and many more topics.


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