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Teacher:Mae Shelley 
Subject:Algebra I, Math Models and Advanced Quantitative Reasoning


Mrs. Shelley joined the staff of City View Jr/Sr High in 2007.  She is a graduate of Midwestern State University and is certified in elementary education, elementary math and secondary math.


Algebra I - The students will learn the basics of Algebra and be prepared to pass the STARR this year. 
EOC Algebra I - This is a course to prepare the student for the EOC Algebra retake ( December 5).
Advanced Quantitative Reasoning This is a course the state has implemented due to the 4 by 4 program that has made it in demand. This is an application of every day math - buying tires, the change in television sizes and if the picture covers the whole screen, stats in baseball and football, observational and experimental statistics and many more topics.


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