Attention 4th-6th Graders


CITY VIEW Science Club

Sponsors :  
Cheryl Dodson, 5th Grade Math and Science
Krysten Brewer, 6th Grade Math and Science

Mission Statement

To provide the students of City View Elementary School with after school science learning experiences by engaging in activities that combined with classroom learning will enhance their science knowledge.

Membership Requirement
  1. meet 1-2 times a month (usually on Monday 3:30-4:30)
  2. must attend first meeting 
  3. must attend at least 6 meetings/events to get invite to end of year party
  4. excited about Science
  5. attend some Saturday events
  6. keep conduct above 85


 Science Club Schedule 


(These dates can change throughout the year)

SEPTEMBER 14 3:30-4:30
September 28 
October 5
October 18

October 27th Halloween Family Science Night

November 16

December 7
January 21

Feb 3 Recyc
February 8

February 22
March 7

March 28
April 11

April 25
May 9---End of Year Pizza Party-by invitation only

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