Don't pray to the Buddha

Post date: Jul 22, 2011 2:14:52 PM

BILL MOYERS: Do you pray to the Buddha? Like Christians pray to Jesus?

PEMA CHÖDRÖN: No. No I don't pray to him. Or even think of him, necessarily, as a role model. He was a person like myself that woke up the way I could, and the way all sentient beings could. But Buddha for me is that awakened mind itself. That totally open unbiased unprejudiced mind and heart. And I resonate with that. And I come back again and again to that mind and heart as the motivating factor of my life. And I think of that as you know, if you use the word Christ consciousness, you might call this Buddha consciousness, or Buddha nature. And so it's what he uncovered. It wasn't like he was reaching for something he didn't have. It was more like he had it all along. As if it was a mirror covered with dust, and he removed the dust. And then the shining mirror was always there. So he uncovered that. That's what I resonate with, my capacity to do that, and everyone's capacity to do that. So the bodhisattva says may all sentient beings be happy and free of suffering. And it means all.

From an Interview with Bill Moyers, Faith & Reason (PBS, August 4, 2006)