Welcome to the City Of Macclenny's Finance department.  Finance is a support department consisting of the following program areas that provide services and information for our City's employees and our City's vendors.

Finance and Budgeting

The functions of the finance department typically include planning, organizing, auditing, accounting for and controlling the City's finances and budget. The finance department also usually produces the company's financial statements.

Click on the links below to view the City's budgets for each year as shown:

  • The Payroll Administrator is primarily responsible for ensuring that employees are paid.

  • The Payroll Administrator's job will involve managing everything to do with payments, withholdings and time-off reporting.

  • The Payroll Administrator will oversee some of the following:

    • Direct deposits
    • Benefits withholding
    • Payroll deduction, garnishments and levies
    • Flexible spending accounts
    • W-2s
Human Resources
  • The Human Resources Manager will oversee all employee employment records.

  • Human Resources will oversee employee related benefits and compensation.

  • Human Resources will oversee and manage records for employee related training.
For more information or inquiries concerning Payroll or Human Resources please call 904-259-0970 or email payroll@cityofmacclenny.com


  • The main function of purchasing is to buy any goods, services or materials needed for our City to maintain a successful level of public service and to provide an orderly work environment.
  • Purchasing must meet and bargain with outside vendors and contractors who are offering services or products of interest to the City.
  • Purchasing's main challenge is to buy high-quality operating supplies and services at a competitive reasonable cost to the tax payers of our City.

Accounts Payable

  • Manages and controls the payment of expenditures necessary for the day-to-day operation of the City.

  • Coordinates the issuance and disbursement of checks to vendors in payment for goods and services rendered to the City.

For more information or inquiries concerning Purchasing and Accounts Payable please call 904-259-0964 or email cityfinance@cityofmacclenny.com