Office of the City Attorney is recognized in the City Charter and Florida State Statutes.  The attorney serves the City Council and City Manager (see Macclenny Charter Section 4.4).

The City Attorney is to conduct all law business in which the city or any of its Departments shall be interested, to include:

  • Preparation of proposed ordinances for the City Council’s deliberation.
  • Preparation of Inter-Local Agreement.
  • Prepare or review Resolutions for the City Council’s consideration.
  • Draft contracts for the City with third parties or approve contracts prepared by third parties as to form and content.
  • Draft legal opinions on issues brought before the Council or its departments.  Such opinions calling for interpretation of Statutes, Rules and Regulations, Attorney General Opinions, Appellate Court Opinions, and Ordinances.
  • Represents the City and its Departments before all courts.

The City Attorney can been reached at (904)