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All pavilion reservation requests must be accompanied by payment, in person or by mail at City Hall, 5490 Fifth Street.
Pavilion Rental Fee(s): $25.00 - Residents, $50.00 - Non-Residents ***Non-Refundable***
Pavilion is not reserved until payment is received.
Parking or driving on turf (grassy) areas and sidewalks is strictly prohibited. Any violations will result in police ticketing. Please be courteous and avoid parking or driving on any turf areas.

Pavilion A (Legacy Park - Large Pavilion - Hwy N)
This large 30'x 60' pavilion is located in Legacy Park near the playground and amphitheater.
The playground is located adjacent to the pavilion with a portable restroom available nearby. This pavilion does have a two barbecue grills, two 20amp electrical circuits, and is located next to the wetland area.
Pavilion B (Legacy Park - Small Pavilion - Hwy N)
This 24' x 24' pavilion is located in Legacy Park near the dog park. This pavilion does have a barbecue grill, one 20amp electrical circuit, is located next to a small wooded area, and is a short walk to the playground and restrooms.
Pavilion C (Podhorn Park - Harmony Lake Drive)

This 30' x 30' pavilion is located in Harmony Ridge Subdivision near Cottleville Parkway. This pavilion has two barbecue grills, a 20amp electrical circuit, and a restroom near the pavilion. The pavilion is located a short walk to Vantage Park and nearby trails.  

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