Counseling Corner

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Contact Information

Holland Olsen
Ph: 801-596-8489
Fax: 801-521-4181


​Advisory Coordinator

The counselor provides content to your student's adviser such as :

  • Decision making, goal setting, planning and problem solving skills

  • Self-esteem development  

  • Interpersonal effectiveness  

  • Communication skills  

  • Cultural diversity

  • Responsible behavior

  • Education planning

  • Knowledge of postsecondary opportunities

Individual Planning

The counselor assists all students in their best life ever, by planning, monitoring, and managing their personal & career development. These areas include:

  • (A) Academics:

    • Acquisition of study skills

    • Awareness of educational opportunities

    • Appropriate course selection

    • Lifelong learning

    • Utilization of test data

  • (B) ​Bridging to the Future:

    • ​Knowledge of career opportunities

    • Knowledge of postsecondary options

    • Need for positive work habits

  • (C) Citizenship & Civic Involvement

    • ​Development of adaptive & adjustive social behavior  

    • Planning  

    • Placement

    • Internships

    • ​Service Learning opportunities

Responsive Services

The counselor addresses the immediate concerns of students, such as:

  • Bullying

  • Academic issues

    • Teacher/student conflicts

    • Grade issues

    • School-related concerns

      • Tardiness

      • Absences and truancy

      • Misbehavior

      • School-avoidance

      • Drop-out prevention

  • Emotional issues

    • Family problems

    • Relationship problems

    • Grief/loss, death

    • Substance abuse

    • Sexuality issues

    • Coping with stress

School-wide System Support

The counselor collaborates with staff, the administrative team, and parents to support school related activities, such as:

  • Guidance Program development

  • Parent education

  • Teacher/administrator consultation

  • Staff development for educators

  • School improvement planning

  • Professional development

  • Community outreach

  • Public relations

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