Volunteer Needs

CISV Atlanta would not be possible without the work of committed volunteers who offer their time in running and organizing all of our activities and programs.
There are many opportunities available through the Atlanta chapter that include becoming a leader for a youth delegation, organizing education activities, hosting children during one of our programs, and assisting the chapter with fundraisers, training, and marketing. Not only is it fun, but volunteering with CISV can help you build your own skills in leadership, organization, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving while expanding your world view.
Below are the top needs of the chapter. A description of the position's duties may be found in the documents.
1. Youth Meeting Planner/Co-Planner (Summer of 2016)
2. Local Interchange Chair
3. Fundraising Chair
Please email CISV Atlanta at atlanta@cisvusa.org if you are interested in getting more involved. The chapter greatly appreaciates any assistance!