Travel Policy

  1. Village, Summer Camp, Youth Meeting, and Interchange delegations shall travel to and from the site of the approved CISV activity as a group.  Travel shall be direct and continuous to and from the CISV activity site.  No side trips shall be permitted.  No layover in excess of 24 hours shall be permitted unless common carrier schedules require otherwise.  Delegation itineraries must be approved by the local Chapter.
  2. Penalties-Violations of Section 1) will result in disciplinary action against the Chapter or Steering Committee pursuant to the complain procedure (83-BOT-2) of CISV, Inc.
  3. Individual travel (as in the case of Junior Counselors or Seminar Camp participants) other than to and from the site of an approved CISV activity shall be deemed non-CISV travel.  CISV assumes no responsibility or liability for an individual while on side trip or layover in excess of 24 hours.