Every Friday afternoon, we spend some time learning about the people, geography, languages, culture, and wildlife of different countries in Africa.  Check back here occasionally for some interesting information, pictures, and sites about one of Mrs. Bryan's favorite continents. :)

Swahili is a language spoken in several countries in pick a country and do a little research!  <--Watch videos and read about Kenya.  See if you can find at least 5 facts you didn't know before!  <--Tanzania is a beautiful, diverse country.  See if you can find at least 5 facts you didn't know before.  You might even find out about Zanzibar Island, the birthplace of Swahili culture. <--Swahili isn't necessarily spoken in Botswana, but it is still an incredibly beautiful country.  See if you can find out what languages ARE spoken there!

Ready to learn some Swahili?  Check out a few of these links:  <-- Learn some Swahili vocabulary, and play games to test your retention!  <--Read about the life and culture of Kenya (Mrs. Bryan's favorite Swahili-speaking country), and test your knowledge with the "challenge" quiz afterward! <--Learn some new phrases that would be helpful if you get to visit Central or East Africa!

Think you'd rather learn Chichewa, one of the languages spoken in Malawi?  Try these:  <--Check this site out to learn more about Malawi, an interesting country in East Africa!