Welcome to the TechCorner at Canadian International School 

For many schools, one-to-one education represents the ultimate in technology infusion; at Canadian International School, we see the one-to-one iPad program as a paradigm shift in how instruction is delivered. Canadian International School is the first one to one iPad school in the Bangalore. At CIS, teachers and students use their iPads are used to enhance learning and teaching across the school. The iPads are used to create content, research, present and much more. Wifi is available across the entire campus.

In our Early Years and Elementary school programs, students and teachers have access to two iPad carts. These iPads are used at learning centers regularly. In August 2015, our Elementary Tech Suite was opened. Students learn to create a variety of content, code and research using iPads and Robotics.

For students of Grade 6 onwards, all course content is delivered via the iTunesU platform. In conjunction with this, Edmodo is used to share teaching and learning with parents, and Showbie to assess and annotate, to operate in a paper-less environment. Parallel to this, our secondary technology classes occur using the iOS and Windows platform with many learning activities blending the iPad and the Desktop. ICT (IGCSE) , ITGS (IB), and Computer Science (IGCSE and IB) are taught in grades 9-12.

Our Digital Citizenship Vision:
Canadian International School strives to prepare students for an ever-changing global community by developing lifelong skills including digital citizenship. At CIS we encourage our students from K-12 to safely, ethically and consciously explore, create and communicate in a 1:1 environment so that every student at CIS will become good decision makers and consider their digital footprint from a personal and community perspective.  As knowledgeable and responsible digital citizens our students will be able to harness the learning potential of an increasingly connected world and lead happy and successful lives. 

As parents and students joining this program, we have compiled some resources for you that will assist you on this Technology Journey. Using the menus above, please explore our program. Should you have any questions or concern, do contact our Technology Integrationist.