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Gift Policy

Expressions of thanks are welcome and appreciated. There are many ways to say thank you, and often the best gift a student can give a teacher is a sincere personal expression of gratitude. More often than not, this simple "thank you" has more impact than a lavish gift. If however, in addition to a personal thank you, you or your child wishes to give a small gift as a further token of appreciation, CIS employees have been instructed that they may accept gifts only if they are not valued over HK$200 and are not in the form of cash.

Small gifts of appreciation may be given or received only if they meet the following conditions:

  • The value of the gift does not exceed HK$200. It is up to parents to understand the value of their gifts and to avoid embarrassing a teacher or staff member, who will be expected to return any gift valued over HK$200.
  • Group gifts may be given, provided that no individual contributes more than HK$200 and participation by givers is entirely voluntary.
  • Gift vouchers from an individual or groups up to HK$200 per person are permitted.
  • Gifts on a special occasion (e.g., wedding, milestone birthday) may be accepted, provided the value of the gift does not exceed HK$500.
  • Gifts on the occasion of retirement or resignation, provided that the value of the gift from any one person does not exceed HK$1,000.
  • Modest gifts of food hampers or other consumables may be accepted without specific financial limits, so long as it is something that will be shared openly within departments or divisions.
  • Presentation of a "hong bao" is an appropriate thank-you or recognition at Chinese New Year providing that the giver does not contribute more than HK$200.
  • A donation to a charity in lieu of a gift is acceptable, provided the donation does not exceed HK$200 from any one person; the charity may be designated by the donor or the member of staff being thanked.
  • Gifts are given publicly with no attempt to conceal the gift or the giver.
  • Gifts are freely offered with no expectation from the giver for anything in return.

Invitations to lunch, dinner or social events are acceptable as an appreciation of thanks. We value building positive relations among parents, teachers and staff. However, employees are asked to avoid lavish or frequent entertainment, which could bring disrepute to the school or lead to embarrassment or a sense of obligation.

Thank you for your support and cooperation as we seek to maintain the highest standards of ethics in all of our practices. Once again, sincere verbal thanks to our staff are always appropriate and highly appreciated.