CIS PYP Internet and Email Appropriate Use Agreement 

CIS provides all students with a Google account to use for your school work. With this privilege come some expectations: 

Be respectful: 

  • Use the email account to communicate with others in a manner that is appropriate for school. Do not use your email account to treat others in a way you would not behave in the classroom.  
  • Do not forward others' messages without their consent.
  • Respect others' time - don't send spam.

Be responsible: 

  • Your account is yours, and you are responsible for how it is used, so don't share your password with others.
  • Do not use someone else's account, or attempt to get into their account.
  • Do not use your account for anything illegal, or for inappropriate online activities.

Be safe: 

  • Look after your password. 
  • Only use your account to communicate with people you trust.
  • Protect your information online.

Sign the Appropriate Use Agreement