As CIR grows each year in the number of people we serve and the ways in which we are able to reach others with God's love, so do the needs of the ministry. We feel that the talents God has brought together here among our staff and volunteers are being used to show God's love to immigrants in countless ways.

When you give to CIR to support what we do, keep in mind that $90 enables CIR to provide all of these services on an hourly basis:

  • Empowering immigrants to overcome social, psychological, spiritual and material barriers to success
  • Advocating for Biblically informed policies
  • Capacitating churches to put into action Biblically informed social change
  • Connecting individuals with God's heart for the immigrant
  • Encouraging immigrant youth to strive to reach their full potential
  • Coordinating and providing compassionate legal care for immigrants, particularly for the Unaccompanied Minor Children
People are often amazed when we share with them all the things we do, and our goals for 2015 are expanding. We have set a goal of $25,000 through our Year End Campaign as we continue to touch people's hearts with God's love for immigrants, one donation at a time.

Would you consider serving with CIR through a steady, committed financial donation beginning with a year-end gift? Through CIR, your gifts will be used to serve immigrants as Christ commanded through services that strengthen their relationships with God, with other people, with the material world, and with themselves.

   Thank you so much for your support during this year 2014! 

From CIR's Family