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Published on Jun 1, 2018

Activists inside the federal government decided that air traffic controllers weren’t diverse enough and in recent years and in the first step of the hiring process, used a 'biographical questionnaire' to screen potential employees. One man is suing the FAA for its updated hiring practice. 

Published on Sep 19, 2017

A well meaning math teacher finds herself trumped by a post-fact America.

Published on Aug 29, 2018

An elderly Texas woman was driving the wrong way on a highway when a good Samaritan desperately tried to stop her. Thomas Prado, a delivery driver, was stunned when he spotted the 94-year-old motorist driving right at him over 55 miles per hour. He took off after her in a desperate attempt to get her to pull over. “I knew something wasn't right,” he told Inside Edition. “If there any way I could stop that, I wanted to do everything I could.”

  • Thai cave rescue press conference: British divers explain how they helped save boys

Published on Jul 13, 2018

The British divers who helped save the 12 trapped boys and their coach from the flooded Thai cave explain how they did it. They described the Thai rescue mission as one of the hardest in history.

Thai cave rescue: Canadian member of rescue team recounts mission to save boys and coach

Published on Jul 11, 2018

The mission to save 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave in northern Thailand involved an international team that included Canadian diver Erik Brown, who recounts the harrowing efforts to save the team.

LISTEN: Fairfax County School Board Member ELIZABETH SCHULTZ Breaks Down the Fundraising Issue Surrounding the Name Change of JEB Stuart High School

  • Full video: Port Authority commissioner confronts police during N.J. traffic stop
Published on Apr 24, 2018
Caren Z. Turner, a Democratic lobbyist from Tenafly, has resigned as a commissioner from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, after an investigation was opened into what agency officials would only describe as "profoundly disturbing conduct." Turner's resignation allegedly involved her intervention in a recent traffic stop in connection with her daughter. Turner apparently flashed her Port Authority badge in an effort to intercede with police officers on the scene.

Published on Nov 20, 2012

Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is.

  • Tax Plan Calculator

    Every year, (VA) Fairfax County's Office of Elections hires thousands of people to work the polls on the days when there are primaries (in June) and Election Days (in November).  

    The pay is $175 per day, but I view this an helping democracy work the way it was intended.  As an election officer, you set up the equipment needed for people to vote, you check their ID to ensure that they are eligible to vote, and you give them instructions on how the machines work, etc.

    There is a shortage of Asian-American election officers.  I'm hoping that you can inform your Asian-American friends and encourage them to consider applying to be an Election Officer either for the primary on June 12 or the general election on November 6, 2018.  


    Comstock for Congress

    10 Results for Virginia 10

    • Cut Taxes for Families and Businesses
    • Increased Funding for School Safety and Prevention of Gun Violence
    • Cracked Down on MS-13 Gangs
    • Rebuilt Our Military
    • Fought Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
    • Prevention and Treatment for Opioid and heroin Addiction
    • New Funding for Childhood Cancer, Alzheimer's, and Medical Research
    • Grants for our Firefighters to Protect our Communities
    • Opened a new veterans Center in Leesburg
    • Prosecution of Online Human Trafficking
    "I have always focused on getting results for Virginia's 10th District and the priorities of my constituents to improve their job opportunities, health, public safety, and quality of life. For over 35 years, I have lived in this District, worked, raised a family, and served our diverse community which leads the country in innovation, talent, service, and giving back to improve the lives of others."
    Barbara Comstock

    Oct. 10, 2018Polling from Virginia Rep. Barbara Comstock’s campaign shows a tight race in the 10th District. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)


    10/14/2018) "今晚有60多人参加了支持Comstock的活动。"

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      Brett Kavanaugh's swearing-in ceremony as Supreme Court Justice - 10/8/2018

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      NASA Announces Astronaut Crews for First Commercial Vehicle Flights


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