About me

Welcome to my home page. I am an associate professor of Computer Science in the Center of Informatics at Federal  University of Pernambuco (CIn/UFPE), where I also serve as vice coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Computer Science. My research focus on two main topics: 1) modeling and analysis of time dependent systems; 2) compiler implementation and optimization. Please find below recent topics on my agenda:

Our paper Checking Contracts for AOP using XPIDRs received the Best Demo Award in the 24th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering - SEKE 2012.

Projects funded

In March 2012, a project funded by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) will start off. The project was selected in the context of the Edital Universal public call. It aims at the development of simulation models to evaluate performance metrics of business process in environments with multiple processes. I'm coordinating the project.

A collaborative project between Elcoma and CIn/UFPE finished in February of 2012. The project was funded by the Brazil's Informatics Law. We developed a simulation model to evaluate the performance of the computer production line in Elcoma. The simulation model was used to guide the production process improvement. As a result, we reduced the production time by 50% with a better quality of production. 

In January of 2011, a three years project, funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology of the State of Pernambuco (FACEPE), was selected in the context of the PRONEX public call. In this project, we are looking at: 1) exploring process mining techniques to discover simulation models (described in GSPN); 2) integrating the discovery technique as a plugin of the ProM toolkit; 3) applying the GSPN simulation model to evaluate performance metrics of service oriented systems. I'm coordinating the project.

The final phase of the MPhyScaS (Multi-Physics Multi-Scale Solver Environment) project has began in January of 2012. The project is part of the 3rd generation of the Research Network on Computing Modeling (RPCMod), funded by the Brazilian Oil Company (Petrobras). It aims at designing a computational tool for automating the development of simulators based on the finite element method. I'm part of the project research team


The 3rd Brazilian Conference on Software: Theory and Practice (CBSoft 2012) will be held on September 23-28, 2012, in Natal, Brazil. I am in the Steering Committee of the 16th Brazilian Symposium on Programming Language, which is part of the CBSoft 2012. I am also serving as Chair of the CBSoft Tools Section.

The 32nd Brazilian Computer Society Conference (CSBC 2012) will be held on July, 16-19, 2012. I am in the Program Committee of the 39th Software and Hardware Integrated Seminar (XXXIX SEMISH), which is part of the CSBC 2012.

During 2011, I coordinated the Special Commission on Programming Language of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC).

I Served as chair of the 14th Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages (SBLP 2010), which was held on September 27-29, 2010, in Salvador, Brazil.