Nelson Souto Rosa, PhD
Associate Professor at Centro de Informática - UFPE

Centro de Informática  (CIn) at UFPE
Av. Jornalista Anibal Fernandes, s/n - Cidade Universitária (Campus Recife)
50.740-560 - Recife, Pernambuco - Brasil
Phone: + 55 81 2126-8430
Fax: + 55 81 2126-8438

Contact: nsr [at] 

Middleware is a communication software placed (usually atop TCP or UDP) between the application and the operating system in order to hide the complexity of underlying network mechanisms. This fact enormously facilitates the task of distributed application developers as the middleware is viewed as a collection of distributed services (or middleware services) that takes the primary responsibility of communicating distributed applications. The middleware often also provides additional services such as security, transaction, naming and events, which “aggregate” value to the communication between distributed applications.

My research interests include the development of (1) middleware systems and (2) service oriented computing (SOC) with emphasis on the project, design and implementation of middleware systems and web service composition. Middleware systems include ones running on desktops, mobile phones and sensor nodes, which may adopt different communication models such client-server, publish-subscribe and tuple spaces. In terms of SOC, my research focuses on the composition of web services regarding quality attributes and dynamic adaptation.