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I keep track of all the books I read since 2002. I know, it's narcissistic and pointless, but I can't help it. Once upon a time, I used to forget about some of the (less remarkable) books I read. To stop that from happening, I decided to write down the names of the books. In the lists below, I've highlighted with boldface the ones that I liked the most, books that I felt a need to read all over again before I had even finished reading for the first (or second!) time. Oh, and some friends of mine also keep lists of books they've read, which I find extremely cool: W and Vinicius

"The Fifth Season", N. K. Jemisin
"Soulsmith" (second time), Will Wight
"The Silver Sorceress", Alec Hutson
"Mitologia Nórdica", Neil Gaiman
"Three Tales from the Laundry Files: Equoid, Down on the Farm, and Overtime", Charles Stross
"Aniquilação", Jeff VanderMeer
"Filhos de Sangue e Osso", Tomi Adeyemi
"The Rabbit Great and Terrible: Waldo Rabbit Series, Book 3", Nelson Chereta
"Lágrimas de Carne",  Fernanda Castro
"On Stranger Tides", Tim Powers
"Dawnshard", Brandon Sanderson
"Sombra e Ossos", Leigh Bardugo
"Os Presidentes", Rodrigo Viseu
"The Apocalypse Codex", Charles Stross
"The Fifth Season", N. K. Jemisin
"How to Change", Katy Milkman


"The Atrocity Archives" (second time), Charles Stross  
"The Jennifer Morgue" (second time), Charles Stross
"The Fuller Memorandum (second time)", Charles Stross
"The Consuming Fire", John Scalzi
"Pirate Latitudes", Michael Crichton
"The Crimson Queen", Alec Hutson
"Leviathan Awakes", James S. A. Corey


"Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data", Charles Wheelan 
"The Flaw in All Magic", Ben S. Dobson
"Eye of Truth", Lindsey Buroker
"Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are" (second time), Seth Stephens-Davidowitz
"Oathbringer", Brandson Sanderson
"The Collapsing Empire", John Scalzi
"The Emperor's Mask", Ben S. Dobson
"Last First Snow", Max Gladstone
"Thinking: Fast and Slow", Daniel Kahnemann
"Ancillary Justice", Ann Lackie
"The Dragon Machine", Ben S. Dobson


"Outliers: The Story of Success", Malcolm Gladwell
"Blood, Sweat, and Pixels: The Triumphant, Turbulent Stories Behind How Video Games are Made", Jason Schereier
"Edgedancer", Brandon Sanderson
"Words of Radiance" (second time) Brandon Sanderson
"Batismo de Fogo", Andrzej Sapkowski
"Ready Player One" (second time), Ernest Cline 


"The Land: Foundings: A LitRPG Saga", Aleron Kong
"O Último Desejo" (second time), Andrzej Sapkowski
"A Espada do Destino" (second time)Andrzej Sapkowski
"O Sangue dos Elfos" (second time), Andrzej Sapkowski
"Three Parts Dead", Max Gladstone
"The Fuller Memorandum", Charles Stross
"Two Serpents Rise", Max Gladstone
"Shadows of Self", Brandon Sanderson
"Tempo de Desprezo" (second time), Andrzej Sapkowski
"The Dragon Reborn", Robert Jordan
"Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are", Seth Stephens-Davidowitz


"A Espada do Destino", Andrzej Sapkowski
"The Vegetarian: A Novel", Han Kang
"The Martian", Andy Weir
"O Sangue dos Elfos", Andrzej Sapkowski
"Words of Radiance", Brandon Sanderson
"Morrissey: Autobiography", Steven Patrick Morrissey
"Tempo de Desprezo", Andrzej Sapkowski
"Mistborn: Secret History", Brandon Sanderson
"One Punch Man" #1 "(ワンパンマン)", One & むらたゆすけ (I usually do not include comic books, but since this one was read in 日本語...)
"The Eye of the World", Robert Jordan
"Howl's Moving Castle", Diana Wynne Jones
"The Atrocity Archives", Charles Stross
"O Aprendiz de Assassino", Robin Hobb
"The Jennifer Morgue", Charles Stross
"Unsouled", Will Wright
"How to Lie with Stastistics" (second time), Darrell Huff, Irving Geiss. 
"The Great Hunt", Robert Jordan
"Linked: How Everything is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means for Business, Science, and Everyday Life", Albert-Laszlo Barabasi
"Soulsmith", Will Wight


"Jumper", Steve Gould
"The Slow Regard for Silent Things", Patrick Rothfuss
"The Way of Kings", Brandon Sanderson
"Spell or High Water", Scott Meyer
"Shift", Hugh Howey
"Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas", John Scalzi
"Músicas e Musas", Michael Heatley and Frank Hopkinson
"Blackout", Connie Willis
"Mistborn: The Final Empire" (second time), Brandon Sanderson
"The Birth of Korean Cool", Euny Hong
"The Price of Spring", Daniel Abraham
"The (sort of) Dark Mage", Nelson Chereta
"After the Rabbit", Nelson Chereta
"The Emperor's Blades", Brian Staveley
"What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions", Randall Munroe
"Slab City Blues" (I-IV), Anthony Ryan
"The Providence of Fire", Brian Staveley
"O Último Desejo", Andrzej Sapkowski
"Reborn 1-5", D.W. Jackson


"All Your Base are Belong to Us", Harold Goldberg
"The God Engines", John Scalzi
"Arcanum 101: Welcome New Students", Rosemary Edghill and Mercedes Lackey
"Wool", Hugh Howey
"NPCs", Drew Hayes
"Hamlet", William Shakespeare
"Blood Song", Anthony Ryan
"Mogworld", Yahtzee Croshaw
"The Jungle Book", Rudyard Kipling
"Infoquake", David Louis Edelman
"O Espadachim de Carvão", Afonso Solano


"The Alloy of Law", Brandon Sanderson
"The Golem's Eye", Jonathan Stroud
"Ptolemy's Gate", Jonathan Stroud
"Ready Player One", Ernest Cline
"O Livro do Cemitério", Neil Gaiman
"An Autumn War", Daniel Abraham
"Wise Men's Fear", Patrick Rothfuss
"For Want of a Nail", Mary Robinette Kowal
" Glamour in Glass", Mary Robinette Kowal
"Ender's Game", Orson Scott Card
"Off to be the Wizzard", Scott Meyer
"Smartbomb", Heather Chaplin, Aaron Ruby
"City of Bones", Cassandra Clare


"All Seated on the Ground", Connie Willis
"Proven Guilty", Jim Butcher  
"Selfish Reasons to Have more Kids", Bryan Kaplan
"Peter and Max: A Fables Novel", Bill Willingham
"White Night", Jim Butcher
"Halting State", Charles Stross
"A Storm of Swords", G. R. R. Martin
"Boneshaker", Cherie Priest
"O Ano da Leitura Mágia", Nina Sankovitch
"The Hobbit" (third time), J. R. R. Tolkien
"The Way of Shadows", Brent Weeks


"Guia do Barista", Edgard Bressani
"A Betrayal in Winter", Daniel Abraham
"Mistborn: The Final Empire", Brandon Sanderson
"Uma Breve Historia do Mundo", Geoffrey Blainey
"The Well of Ascension", Brandon Sanderson
"Raven's Shadow", Patricia Briggs
"Contra um Mundo Melhor", Luiz Felipe Pondé
"The Hero of Ages", Brandon Sanderson
"How to Lie with Statistics", Darrell Huff e Irving Geis
"Assombrações do Recife Velho", Gilberto Freyre
"Homem Comum", Phillip Roth
"A Game of Thrones", George R. R. Martin
"Death Masks", Jim Butcher
"A Arte de Ser Desagradável", Jim Knipfel
"The Ladies of Grace Adieu", Susanna Clarke
"A Clash of Kings", George R. R. Martin
"Shades of Milk and Honey", Mary Robinette Kowal
"O Amuleto de Samarkand", Jonthan Stroud
"Blood Rites", Jim Butcher
"The Cathedral and the Bazaar", Eric S. Raymond
"Dead beat", Jim Butcher


"The Hobbit" (second time), J. R. R. Tolkien
"O Livro Negro dos Segredos", F. E. Higgins
"El Ladron del Rayo", Rick Riordan
"Superfreakonomics", Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner
"A Shadow in Summer", Daniel Abraham
"The Devil You Know", Mike Carey
"Grave Peril", Jim Butcher
"Fool Moon", Jim Butcher
"Summer Knight", Jim Butcher
"O Andar do Bebabo", Leonard Mlodinow
"Vicious Circle", Mike Carey
"Ubik", Philip K. Dick


"O Pais dos Petralhas", Reinaldo Azevedo
"Macaco: uma Jornada para o Oeste", recontado por David Kherdian
"Harpist in the Wind", Patricia McKillip
"Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell", Susanna Clarke
"Dead Until Dark", Charlaine Harris
"Harry Potter e as Reliquias da Morte", J. K. Rowling.
"The Name of the Wind", Patrick Rothfuss
"To Say Nothing of the Dog", Connie Willis
"A Wizard of Earthsea", Urusula K. Le Guin
"1808", Laurentino Gomes
"The Tombs of Atuan", Ursula K. Le Guin
"Folha Explica: Joao Gilberto", Zuza Homem de Melo
"Um Conto de Natal", Charles Dickens
"The Yiddish Policemen's Union", Michael Chabon
"Storm Front", Jim Butcher
"Desmistificando a Lei de Murphy", Susan Segertrom


"Harry Potter e o Enigma do Principe", J. K. Rowling
"American Gods", Neil Gaiman (second time)
"Mahabharata", romantizacao de Krishna Darma
"Bellwether", Connie Willis
"The Carnelian Flame", Aaron Rosenberg
"A Bussola Dourada", Philip Pullman


"Noivo Neurotico, Noiva Nervosa", Woody Allen
"Stormbringer", Michael Moorcock
"Marley e Eu", John Grogan
"The Riddle Master of Hed", Patricia McKillip
"The Heir of Sea and Fire", Patricia McKillip
"Homens do Amanha", Gerard Jones
"Os Filhos de Anansi", Neil Gaiman
"The Silmarillion", J. R. R. Tolkien


"Pe na Estrada", Jack Kerouac
"Ensaio sobre a Cegueira", Jose Saramago
"Exalted: In Northern Twilight", Jess Hartley
"O Codigo Da Vinci", Dan Brown
"The Stealer of Souls", Michael Moorcock
"Uncharted Territory", Connie Willis
"O Jardineiro Fiel", John Le Carre
"Coraline", Neil Gaiman
"A Nova Tecnologia da Informacao e o Direito", Maria Amalia Oliveira de Arruda Camara


"Marilyn Mason", Kurt B. Reighley
"Laranja Mecanica", Anthony Burgess
"O Restaurante no Fim do Universo", Douglas Adams
"Armas, Germes e Aco", Jared Diamond
"Great Science Fiction Stories", editado por Cordelia Titcomb Smith
"The Shadow Matrix", Marion Zimmer Bradley
"Law of the Wolf Tower", Tanith Lee
"The Moon and the Sun", Vonda N. McIntyre
"Harry Potter e a Ordem da FÍnix", J.K. Rowling
"How to get a PhD", Estelle M. Phillips e Derek S. Pugh
"The Left Hand of Darkness", Ursula K. Le Guin 
"Nine Stories", J. D. Salinger
"Doomsday Book", Connie Willis
"Exalted: A Day Dark as Night", Carl Bowen
"Star of Danger", Marion Zimmer Bradley
"Exalted: A Shadown Over Heaven's Eye" - Tim Waggoner
"Winds of Darkover", Marion Zimmer Bradley
"The Craft of Research", Wayne Booth et al
"Neverwhere", Neil Gaiman
"Freakonomics", Steven D. Levitt e Stephen J. Dubner
"1933 Foi um Ano Ruim", John Fante
"Feliz Ano Novo", Rubem Fonseca
"A Ilha do Tesouro", Robert Louis Stevenson


"The World Wreckers", Marion Zimmer Bradley
"O Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo", Jose Saramago
"Ate o Dia em que o Cao Morreu", Daniel Galera
"O Fio da Navalha" (second time),  W. Somerset Maugham
"O Guia do Mochileiro das Galaxias" (second time), Douglas Adams
"Angus: O Primeiro Guerreiro", Orlando Paes Filho 
"Idoru", William Gibson
"Peter Pan" , J. M. Barrie
"Pergunte ao Po", John Fante
"Hotel Transylvania", Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
"A Vida como Ela Eh - O Homem Fiel e Outros Contos", Nelson Rodrigues
"The Martian Chronicles" - Ray Bradbury
"Blood and Gold", Anne Rice
"13 dos Melhores Contos de Vampiros da Literatura Universal",
 editado por Flavio Moreira da Costa
"The Man in the Iron Mask", Alexandre Dumas


"Cidade de Deus" - Paulo Lins
"The Three Musqueteers" - Alexandre Dumas
"God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater" - Kurt Vonnegut Jr
"A Revolucao dos Bichos" (second time) - George Orwell
"Madame Bovary" - Gustave Flaubert
"Os Robos" - Isaac Asimov
"Mulheres" - Charles Bukowsky
"Dracula" - Bram Stoker
"Exile's Song" - Marion Zimmer Bradley
"Onde Andar· Dulce Veiga" - Caio Fernando Abreu
"Pouco Amor nao eh Amor" - Nelson Rodrigues
"Stardust" - Neil Gaiman
"Nao se Pode Amar e Ser Feliz ao Mesmo Tempo" - Nelson Rodrigues
"Noites Tropicais" (second time) - Nelson Motta
"Sonhos de Bunker Hill" - John Fante
"Chega de Saudade" - Ruy Castro


"Admiravel Mundo Novo" - Aldous Huxley
"OUltimo Chefao" - Mario Puzo
"Harry Potter e o Prisioneiro de Azkaban" - J.K. Rowling 
"827 Era Galatica" - Isaac Asimov
"Sandman: Os Cacadores de Sonhos" - Neil Gaiman
"Aikido e a Harmonia da Natureza" - Mitsugi Saotome
"A Espada Encantada" - Marion Zimmer Bradley
"The Light Fantastic" - Terry Pratchet
"Harry Potter e o Calice de Fogo" - J.K. Rowling
"Franny and Zooey" - J.D. Salinger
"As Aventuras de Alice no Pais das Maravilhas" - Lewis Carrol
"A Dama do Falcao" - Marion Zimmer Bradley
"Franny and Zooey"(second time) - J.D. Salinger
"Samurai from Outer Space" - Antonia Levi
"Vittorio, O Vampiro" - Anne Rice
"American Gods" - Neil Gaiman
"Carpenteiros, Levantem Bem Alto a Cumeeira e Seymour: uma Apresentacao" - J.D. Salinger
"A Arte Cavalheiresca do Arqueiro Zen" - Eugene Herrigel
"Sidarta" - Herman Hesse
"Equal Rites" - Terry Pratchett
"O Caminho do Guerreiro, vol. I" - Vera Lucia Sugai
"O Siciliano" - Mario Puzo