CILogon Passes XSEDE Acceptance Test

Post date: Jan 6, 2015 9:59:41 PM

XSEDE Operations completed acceptance testing of CILogon on January 5 2015 and accepted CILogon for production. Please see for details about how XSEDE uses CILogon. CILogon has been in production at NCSA since 2010 and is enabling access to cyberinfrastructure such as Globus, LIGO, and OSG Connect. Acceptance by XSEDE is another milestone in CILogon adoption and operational maturity. The XSEDE engineering process included design and security reviews, functional testing, and the deployment of a backup CILogon instance at NICS for improved reliability. All CILogon users now benefit from the operational improvements to CILogon resulting from this XSEDE effort.