Phasing Out CILogon's Use of ProtectNetwork

Post date: Aug 7, 2014 6:09:58 PM

The CILogon project does not plan to renew its subscription to the ProtectNetwork identity provider (IdP) service in 2015 because of a significant price increase. Users who log on to using the ProtectNetwork IdP will now see a banner message encouraging them to switch to a different IdP by the end of the year. Thanks in part to the InCommon Research and Scholarship program, CILogon now supports over 130 InCommon IdPs. If your campus IdP doesn't yet work with CILogon, please let us know.

We are very appreciative of the service that the ProtectNetwork IdP has provided to CILogon over the years. ProtectNetwork's support for SAML ECP has been very helpful for developing and demonstrating CILogon's support for federated authentication outside the browser. ProtectNetwork has been a valuable "IdP of Last Resort" (IdPoLR) for users whose campus IdP isn't working with CILogon yet. Now the Google IdP fulfills the IdPoLR role for CILogon.

The importance of having an IdPoLR was highlighted in the 2011 Roadmap for Using NSF Cyberinfrastructure with InCommon, and the next IAM Online (Wednesday August 13) will discuss launching a new InCommon IdPoLR working group. The CILogon project will continue to explore IdPoLR options (in addition to Google) in parallel with our ongoing efforts to support additional InCommon IdPs.

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