Federated Access to OSG Connect via CILogon, Globus Online, and InCommon

Post date: Sep 30, 2013 2:50:48 PM

Recently Open Science Grid launched OSG Connect, which "offers investigators simple and efficient access to distributed high throughput computing resources required by many of today's most challenging problems in science, engineering, and the humanities." OSG Connect supports easy sign up and sign in using federated campus identities through a combination of underlying technologies: Globus Nexus, CILogon, and InCommon. Globus Nexus, part of Globus Online, provides identity and group management for OSG Connect. Globus Nexus in turn relies on CILogon to enable access via campus identities through the InCommon federation. The result is that researchers can easily access OSG Connect using their existing campus logins.

OSG Connect Sign In page