CILogon CA Certificates in IGTF Distribution

Post date: Sep 28, 2010 2:13:22 PM

The International Grid Trust Federation CA distribution version 1.37, released today, includes the self-signed CILogon Silver, Basic, and OpenID CA certificates (and associated configuration files) in the "experimental" area. This provides to relying parties a trusted distribution path for the CILogon CA's self-signed certificates, which are also available directly from the CILogon CA web site ( Note that this does not imply that the CILogon CAs have been accredited by IGTF. Only CAs included in the "accredited" area of the distribution have completed the IGTF accreditation process, not those in the "experimental" area where the CILogon CA certificates can currently be found. The CILogon Silver CA is under review by the TAGPMA for IGTF accreditation. The next opportunity for a TAGPMA accreditation vote for the CILogon Silver CA is the upcoming TAGPMA Face-to-Face Meeting October 4-7 in Lubbock, Texas.