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To apply please email the following to our Assistant Principal at: rgallegos@cienaguas.org

Please Provide:  
1) Resumé
2) Letter of interest including:
        For which staff position(s) are you applying,
        Why you want to work for CAIS,
        How your abilities and experience qualify you for this position.
3) Complete the Printable employment application (click here)

The Cien Aguas International School community will employ professionals who:

  • Will commit to realizing the principles and practices of the Cien Aguas Charter (as presented in the Cien Aguas Manual) 
  • Believe in a world-class education for all children through a high-standards curriculum delivered in two languages 
  • Have experience working with English Language Learners 
  • Are knowledgeable about dual language education and committed to multilingual enrichment 
  • Believe in collaborative decision-making and are team builders 
  • Are members of the community in good standing 
  • Are knowledgeable about, or willing to become knowledgeable about Project GLAD instructional strategies 
  • Are dedicated to environmental sustainability through education and personal example.


Positions for the 2015-2016 School Year
1. Curriculum Coordinator
2. Part Time Gifted Teacher
3. Dual Language Classroom Teachers
(See Below For Details)

Curriculum Coordinator
Full Time Position (less than full time negotiable)

Cien Aguas International School is seeking a qualified curriculum coordinator who is able to enhance our collaborative environment by bringing detail and big picture thinking to our team. Strong organizational skills and the ability to follow through with initiatives are essential.


  •  Advocates and support dual language education, readers and writers workshop, inquiry based teaching, interdisciplinary instruction, service learning and environmental education.
  • Knows, understands, and advocates for the school’s mission, charter & materials terms
  • Maintains and updates curriculum, instruction and assessment materials
  • Assists with drafting and revising teacher schedules
  • Assists with identifying and coordinating PD to meet teachers’ needs
  • Fosters communication within the school community
  • Collaborates regularly with grade level teams, specialists and administration
 Minimum Requirements
  • Bilingual
  • M.A./M.S. in education
  • Level II or equivalent
  • GLAD experienced
  • Experienced with curriculum development and implementation
  • Knowledgeable about reading and writing process, inquiry based teaching, interdisciplinary instruction, environmental education, sustainability, CCSS
  • Strong academic content knowledge in science, social studies, language arts and math
Preferred Skills/Abilities
  • Bilingually literate in Spanish and English
  • GLAD certified trainer
  • Effective communicator
  • Level III licensed educator with administrative certificate
  • Experienced dual language educator
  • Experienced with using data to drive decisions
  • Experienced in program design and implementation

 Part Time Gifted Teacher

  • Must be certified with the State of New Mexico (Fluent Bilingual/ Bilingual Endorsement Preferred)

Dual Language Classroom Teachers

  • Must be certified with the State of New Mexico and hold a Bilingual/TESOL endorsement.  Knowledge of, or willingness to learn and implement strategies from Guided Language Acquisition Design (Project GLAD) required.