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To apply please email the following to our Assistant Principal at: rgallegos@cienaguas.org

Please Provide:  
1) Resumé
2) Letter of interest including:
        For which staff position(s) are you applying,
        Why you want to work for CAIS,
        How your abilities and experience qualify you for this position.
3) Complete the Printable employment application (click here)

The Cien Aguas International School community will employ professionals who:

  • Will commit to realizing the principles and practices of the Cien Aguas Charter (as presented in the Cien Aguas Manual) 
  • Believe in a world-class education for all children through a high-standards curriculum delivered in two languages 
  • Have experience working with English Language Learners 
  • Are knowledgeable about dual language education and committed to multilingual enrichment 
  • Believe in collaborative decision-making and are team builders 
  • Are members of the community in good standing 
  • Are knowledgeable about, or willing to become knowledgeable about Project GLAD instructional strategies 
  • Are dedicated to environmental sustainability through education and personal example.


Positions for the 2015-2016 School Year
1. Dual Language Classroom Teachers
2.  Environmental Educator (10-12 hours/week)
*3.  Half Time Math Teacher (either 6th grade or 4th Grade)
*4. Half time Math Interventionist (elementary)
5. Half Time Humanities Teacher (7th/8th Grade)

*may be combined into one full time position

Dual Language Classroom Teachers

  • Must be certified with the State of New Mexico and hold a Bilingual/TESOL endorsement.  Knowledge of, or willingness to learn and implement strategies from Guided Language Acquisition Design (Project GLAD) required.

Environmental Educator

  • Provide assistance with environmental education focus school-wide
  • Assist with service learning activities at the middle school level 
  • Provide school-day curriculum with a rotation of elementary classrooms
  • Provide maintenance of small school garden and incorporate use/lessons with classes
  • Organize and implement our after-school outdoors club

Half-Time Math Teacher (Either 6th or 4th Grade)

  • Provide math instruction IN ENGLISH utilizing a constructivist approach (an inquiry approach in which students need to construct their understanding of each concept, so that the primary role of the teaching is not to lecture and explain but to create situations that will foster student thinking).
  • Knowledge of Math Investigations Curriculum, Connected Math Curriculum, or AIM4s3 methods and/or Advantage Math are a plus.
Half-Time Math Interventionist (Elementary)
  • Provide math intervention to students utilizing a constructivist approach
  • Knowledge of Math Investigations Curriculum, Advantage Math, Connected Math Curriculum, and/or AIM4s3 methods are a plus.

Half-Time Humanities Teacher (7th/8th Grade)

  • Provide English Language Arts/History instruction to one class of 7th grade and one class of 8th grade through daily integrated humanities blocks. 
  • Experience/knowledge of common core standards for both subjects and effectively teaching in a block format is preferred.