KCPAVS user guide


This document gives you an overview about features in KCPAVS.  The information here will guide you using the tool and the data for analyzing your experimental data and learning about biological pathways.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information that is missed or have not been covered in sufficient details/clarity here. (contact us ) 
Notes on using KCPAVS:

Browser compatibility:
KCPAVS uses Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) which currently is supported by all modern browsers ( Firefox 3.0 and later, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE6,7,8 with Adobe SVG viewer plugin, IE9) and can use iPAVS without installing any additional plugins. However if you find that your browser complains or fails to open iPAVS tool then chances are that you are using browsers/version of browser that inherently does not support SVG. Please see list of browsers that iPAVS has been tested, known issues and work around here

Quick Links
  • A video / slides to using KCPAVS is available here.
  • KCPAVS tutorial can be accessed here
  • Link to FAQs here