Supported Browsers

iPAVS user interface and visualization was developed using Ajax(javascripts), CSS, Xhtml(xml) and SVG.
All these technologies are supported by all the modern browser.

We recommend Chrome/Safari/Firefox for the best experience.

iPAVS was tested to be compatible with the following Browsers:

  • IE6,IE7,IE8 ( need to install Adobe SVG viewer plugin) See installation instruction here
  • IE9 (OK)
  • FireFox 2.5x and above (Recommended)
  • Safari 3.x and above (OK)
  • Opera 10.x and above (OK)
  • Chrome 3.5 and above (Recommended)

Known Browser specific issues:
  • IE 6, 7, 8: There could be few minor version specific issues with IE.
    • 1) the key board shot cuts <shift> to pan seems to not be recognized by browser; 
    • 2) when tried to move the overlay like charts and symbol. Moves them away from mouse with some offset
    • 3) Overlay of SVG symbols may not work in version below IE9
  • FireFox + Opera: 
    • the zoom functionality on maps cant be controlled by mouse wheel (This is now fixed )
    • When pathways are loaded the image is not centered to the viewport (This is now fixed)
  • Chrome & Safari: 
    • The corner of the pathway when panned does not refresh it still retains the residual images of previous frame. (This is now fixed)
    • Multi-pathway group view had problem rescaling the reference navigation map (This is now fixed)