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NOTE: Currently this chart above (IPAVS curated pathway data statistics) does not reflect the current state of the IPAVS database. 
We will be updating it soon. P
osted on 28 OCT 2011

Pathway Source:
  1. Calzone, L., Gelay, A., Zinovyev, A., Radvanyi, F. and Barillot, E. (2008) A comprehensive modular map of molecular interactions in RB/E2F pathway. Molecular systems biology, 4, 173.
  2. Oda, K. and Kitano, H. (2006) A comprehensive map of the toll-like receptor signaling network. Molecular systems biology, 2, 2006 0015.
  3. Oda, K.K., T, Matsuoka, Y.; Funahashi, A.; Muramatsu, M.; Kitano, H. (2004) Molecular Interaction Map of Macrophage. AfCS Research Reports.
  4. Mi, H., Dong, Q., Muruganujan, A., Gaudet, P., Lewis, S. and Thomas, P.D. (2010) PANTHER version 7: improved phylogenetic trees, orthologs and collaboration with the Gene Ontology Consortium. Nucleic Acids Res, 38, D204-210.
  5. Kanehisa, M., Goto, S., Furumichi, M., Tanabe, M. and Hirakawa, M. (2010) KEGG for representation and analysis of molecular networks involving diseases and drugs. Nucleic Acids Res, 38, D355-360.

SP = Signaling Pathways
MP = Metabolic Pathways
GRN = Gene Regulatory Pathways
IM = Integrated Maps
DP = Disease Pathways
OP = Organism Pathways
DRP = Drug Pathways
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Database NameVersionTYPENumber of Sub/Pathways
Database NameVersionTYPENumber of Sub/Pathways
CIDMS (iPVAS curated) 1.0 SP,MP,GRN,DP,DRP 60 
KEGG 58 SP,MP,DP,OP 253(human) 
Panther 3.5 SP,MP,GRN 165 
RB Pathways 2008 IM 17 
Reactome <will be made available in near future> SP,MP,DP ~275 (human) 
Systems Biology Institute Maps 2002-2010 IM 
Showing 6 items