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iPAVS Learning Resources

The material includes 1) demos introducing various features of iPAVS; and 2) Tutorial / training videos of using iPAVS.

For quick overview of imporant iPAVS features see the slide show of the screen shots of iPAVS

NOTE: We are currently in the process of making several videos demonstrating the usage of iPAVS system. Please visit this page later.

Short introduction to iPAVS

Slides showing iPAVS ability to make comparisons between pathways 

Dynamically customizing iPAVS user interface to make it convenient to work on a particular task

Uploading list ( microarray, proteomics,metabolomics data) into iPAVS
(Full Screen)

Visualize time series data on a pathway arranged in a tile fashion (compare and interact with multiple pathway simultaneously)

The goal is to:
1) Load the time series data
2) Use analysis method to find enriched pathway
3) Clone a pathway multiple times and arrange it as a tile. Each tile can then display one observation (data for a single time point) and compared simultaneously.

Pathway Enrichment Analysis using Parametric Analysis of Gene Set Enrichment (PAGE) ( see details )

The goal is to:
1) Use the expression data given as tabular list containing genes and their expression values ( recommended fold-change or log-ratio)
2) Apply PAGE algorithm to identify the most significantly change gene sets (pathways) for the expression data
3) Explore and visualize the results

Similarly to PAGE analysis as shown in the above demo, Fisher's Exact Test and Binomial Proportion Test(Z-test) can be used to analyze data ( Gene/protein list or small molecule list)

Video demonstrating pathway enrichment analysis for metabolomic data using IPAVS.

The goal is to:
1) use list of metabolite given as KEGG Cound identifers
2) Find enriched pathway sets using Fishers' Exact test
3) Explore and visualized the results

More demos will follow...  Please visit this page later.

Demos currently considered for making:
  • Introduction to iPAVS user interface
  • Easy way towards efficient information assimilation using iPAVS
  • Comparative analysis of physiological hypertrophy and pathological hypertrophy
  • Time series analysis using iPAVS
  • Integrated metabolome and transcriptome analysis using iPAVS

If you have a request for a demo or tutorial please feel free to drop us a comment or email us.