Have those hours in front of the computer finally caught up to you? Or, more specifically, your neck? Let our wonderful, highly experienced team of massage therapists fix that for you. Shakti and Lauren all have a huge array of techniques at their disposal and are committed to providing you with an individualized session that targets what you need help with. BOOK HERE! (See below for specific instructions on how to book.) And remember you get $10 off your first massage! Questions? Email


specializes in integrative techniques and tailors her massage for each of her clients needs. Graduating from Massachusetts Institute of Therapeutic Massage in 2003, she began working at CIC in Cambridge.
Shakti continued her studies in therapeutic modalities and brings a toolbox full of skills to support her clients. For more than thirteen years, she has been using therapeutic techniques such as Muscular Therapy, Swedish Massage, Myofascial techniques, and Ashiatsu (barefoot Shiatsu). She also enjoys supporting pregnancy from pre- to post-natal. In addition to traditional massage, Shakti is also available for sessions of assisted stretching (in which clients can learn stretches to take home and work on between sessions) as well as Reiki (energy healing). Shakti has advanced certifications in Thai Yoga Massage and Ashiatsu barefoot therapy, and a Hatha Yoga certification from the National Yoga Alliance.

LAUREN LEVINE is a Muscular Therapist who received her training at The Muscular Therapy Institute in 2006. Her goal is to help aid others in healing themselves through personalized bodywork sessions focusing on relieving stress, rebalancing compensatory tension patterns throughout the body usually developed by repetitive stress or inaction, misalignments and injuries, and increasing range of motion due to muscular and fascial restrictions. Her intent is to help you find more ease and flow in your body through a combination of hands-on techniques based in Muscular Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Thai Yoga Bodywork, assisted stretching and self-care suggestions. Lauren is also an artist working in the Boston area. 


  • PRICING: $40 / 30 min -- $80 / 60 min -- $120 / 90 min 
    • Mondays --Lauren
    • Tuesdays -- Shakti 
    • Wednesdays -- Lauren
    • Thursdays -- Shakti 
    • Fridays -- open
  • LOCATION: Our tranquil plant-laden massage room is located on the 4th floor, just past the Venture Cafe bar. 
  • BOOKING: Visit the Massage page on One Broadway's Roomzilla site to view the day's bookings. From there, click on View Entire Month to see the whole month's bookings. Blue areas are blocked off (either already reserved for massage or the therapist is away) and green areas are available -- just click on any green space, specify your desired time and be sure to add 15 min. to your reservation for space clean-up/prep.


  • PRICING: $20 / 15min , $40 / 30 min, $80. / 60 min
  • SCHEDULE: Wednesdays -- Shakti -- 2:00 to 6:00 PM
  • LOCATION: 5th floor, inside the gym
  • BOOKING: Visit the Massage page on 50 Milk's Roomzilla site to view the day's bookings. From there, click on View Entire Month to see the whole month's bookings. Blue areas are blocked off (either already reserved for massage or the therapist is away) and green areas are available. 

  • INTEGRATIVE MASSAGE:  Our signature service, tailored to your needs & combining neuromuscular therapy, Swedish massage, & myofascial release techniques. Wonderful for reducing tension, offering relief from daily stress, & promoting harmony & energy flow in the body & mind.
  • MUSCULAR THERAPY: A unique pairing of massage treatment & self-care education designed to reduce or eliminate chronic muscle tension. Through repeat sessions, your therapist grows a progressive understanding of your body’s injuries and tension spots, and applies massage techniques specific to muscle groups while offering take-home recommendations for posture and stretching.
  • PRENATAL MASSAGE: Tailored to the expectant mother’s needs, such as reducing stress, decreasing swelling in the limbs, & relieving muscle & joint pain.
  • THAI YOGA MASSAGE: Uses passive yoga stretches & gentle pressure along the body’s natural energy lines. Sessions are fully clothed on a thick Thai floor mat.
  • REIKI: Pronounced [ray-key], Reiki the art and science of channeling universal life energy to promote spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing. You can experience Reiki on its own or with any other service.