Poor posture, incorrect body 
mechanics and faulty 
desk set-up are major factors in workplace-related injuries. Static positioning with these faulty mechanics can lead to injuries such as neck/back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and shoulder and wrist tendonitis. 

Joint Ventures Physical Therapy and Fitness is now offering 30-minute ergonomic assessments by appointment. In these sessions, a physical therapist will visit you at work, assess your workstation, make recommendations and adjustments for optimal performance, and ultimately help you prevent soft tissue and repetitive stress injuries. One evaluation costs $30 in total.

To schedule an assessment or find out more, please call 617-536-1161 (option 5) or email


With countless studies coming out about the risks of a sedentary lifestyle, more and more CIC clients are opting for standing desks. Here are some of the ways you can outfit your workstation accordingly: