The Personal Project

The personal project is a significant body of work produced over an extended period. It consists of:

  • The report - where you describe and self-reflect on the process of completing your product In English or Spanish: 1,500-3,500 words, this does not include your process journal, appendices or bibliography (assessed under criteria A, B, C and D). 
  • A journal - aim for around 20 entries - where you plan, explore ideas, evaluate progress and reflect on your product (you choose extracts from this for assessment in your report).
  • The product/outcome - what you made or did (assessed under criteria A, B, C and D).
Your goals are:

A Investigating
You should be able to:
i. define a clear goal and context for the project, based on personal interests
ii. identify prior learning and subject-specific knowledge relevant to the project
iii. demonstrate research skills.

B Planning
You should be able to:
i. develop criteria for the product/outcome
ii. plan and record the development process of the project
iii. demonstrate self-management skills.

C Taking action
You should be able to:
i. create a product/outcome in response to the goal, context and criteria
ii. demonstrate thinking skills
iii. demonstrate communication and social skills.

D Reflecting
You should be able to:
i. evaluate the quality of the product/outcome against your criteria
ii. reflect on how completing the project has extended your knowledge and understanding of the topic and the global context
iii. reflect on your development as an IB learner through the project.

You need to show evidence of these four criteria through the project.

A quick summary:

The personal project is a test of your initiative and should reflect and provides an excellent opportunity for students to produce a truly creative piece of work of their choice and to demonstrate the skills they have developed in approaches to learning. 

The personal project guide is covered by this web site.

These photos are from the personal project exhibition held in and around the library.

Also for an example of a finished product from the class of 2014, a web site, see:


Part of the suspension and braking system. From a persona; project in 2017: