Currently there are more than 20 members coming from different areas and countries. The team is always open to receive new researchers eager to participate with the activity. The requirements for being member of this group is the desire to participate in collaborative groups, read/speak in English and to have elementary knowledge of algorithmic. Priority will be given to those with programming skills in C/C++/Java language, knowledge of mathematics and statistics.

    The team is organized into subgroups under coordinators guidance. Permanent training and learning is part of the activity in the CI2S Labs. The first goal to achieve for individuals and the team as a whole is to improve oneself to the best of ones possibilities.

    The seminars and workshops dictated by CI2S Labs members aim to promote and share the knowledge about recent advances and trends in the field of Computational Intelligence areas that we are working on.

Feel free to contact us to ask for new entries in the wiki.