Welcome to the City of Sandy's web-based 2015-17 budget. The information below provides an overview of the budgets for all funds and programs. See the navigation bar at left for details on each program, for the budget message and other supplemental information.

Year-to-year comparisons for total appropriations for each fund are difficult because the funds include a variety of types of expenditures. For example, general revenues are distributed to each of the general fund programs so the budgeted transfers are found in both places.  This results in double counting in the fund total.  Also, large capital projects often exceed the operating budgets for each program and can therefore create large swings in expenditure totals from year to year.    

Operating budgets (salary and benefit costs, supplies, contracts, and similar expenses) lend themselves better to a year-to-year comparison because they tend to be more stable over time. The table below shows operating budgets for each fund, excluding interfund transfers and indirect service charges, major capital improvements, and contingency accounts.

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The table below summarizes the budget by each program. Budgets for general fund programs are not directly comparable across years because they reflect the cost of internal support services. The table includes links for more information on the program description, goals and objectives, and the major components of program revenue and expenditures. 

The following chart shows the use of taxes collected by the city (or collected by the county library funding district, in the case of library services). The following tax sources are restricted by state law for a specific purpose, and cannot be used for other services: (1) Urban renewal (tax increment financing); (2) County library district levy; (3) Local fuel tax (for streets), and (4) Transit payroll taxes. All other services shown in the chart are at least partially funded through an allocation of the city's general property tax levy, at the direction of the City Council.

The chart below shows the overall sources of revenue for the total budget.

Revenue Sources

The chart below summarizes the total budget by types of expenses.

Types of Expenses

Chart 7

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