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Ways to Make Offerings Online

This page will no longer be updated from Nov.30, 2021 and on. Please switch to the new site.

  • During the pandemic, payment to the bookroom temporarily can be sent to the church account using QuickPay with Zelle (memo: books), DO NOT USE Online Bill Pay.

QuickPay with Zelle

If your bank supports the QuickPay with Zelle, you would see such an option either when you log in your bank's web site, or in your bank's mobile app.  To make offerings through this service, first select from the menu options QuickPay with Zelle, then select "Send Money".  You'll be directed to a page to add recipients.  Now add a new recipient by using this email address:; with this name: the church in Cupertino.  Afterwards, you'll be prompted to enter an amount, and a memo.  If it's a designated offering, please enter the name of the designated offering in the memo prompt; otherwise, please enter "general offering" as the memo.

This QuickPay feature currently is free for transactions between banks that use this service, but currently there's a $5000/day limit ($500 for the very first time).  If you desire to offer more than $5000, please make such offering in consecutive days, until you've reached your desired offering amount.


If your bank doesn't support Zelle, you can also pay through your PayPal account.  To do so, add a new recipient by using this email address:  There's a transaction fee associated with each transaction, so if you have access to both Zelle and PayPal, please give or pay with Zelle.

Online Bill Pay

This feature allows you to offer online, but the church would receive a paper check from your bank via postal mail.  To make offerings through this service, simply add "the church in Cupertino" as one of the payees.  Use the following address as part of the set up:

This method is less secure than QuickPay, as it involves mailing of paper checks, which are prone to mail theft.  Therefore, we do not recommend this method unless QuickPay isn't available to you.

ACH Payment

If you desire to make an offering with a set amount on a monthly basis, you can link the church checking account to your bank account, and allow your bank to make a direct transfer to the church account monthly.  To do so, please reach out to George Tien (or,, and he will provide you with the church account's routing number and account number for your set up. 

This method would take the longest to set up, as your bank will need to take time making some trial transfers to validate its setup.  Therefore, please take this delay into account if you would like to make your offerings this way.