2019-10-14 Property in Chennai, India

For the saints in Cupertino, you may give by check payable to the church in Cupertino, or electronically, memo: Chennai property.

Update November 2019 from brothers in Chennai:

We would like to update regarding our Chennai land acquisition. 

Recently, the Lord has opened up a piece of land in Chennai with a much better offer. This land is located in one of the prime locations in Chennai (attached please find the exact location for your reference). This land is about twice larger than the previous land, with a  total size of 1.11 acres, yet the cost is more or less the same as that of the previous land.

The landowner has given us the time frame before 15th of December, 2019, to complete the deal by paying the full amount with completion of the registration.

We would also like to know if you have any questions regarding the land or the offering procedure from the fellowship we have had till now.  As the deal will soon come to an end by the middle of next month, we trust that the Lord will meet all the needs through the prayer and supply of the Body. 

Please continue to pray for us for the release of this land!

Your brothers, 

Below please find the brief report which provides the details of fellowship regarding the Chennai land acquisition:

Burden - Breakthrough Needed in the Following Areas [for the churches in India]
  • In material offering
  • In experiencing the Body of Christ
  • In the blending among the churches
  • In perfecting the saints for the practice of the God-ordained way 
Usage of the Property
  • Intended for (1) gathering of the church in Chennai and (2) national-wide conferences and trainings 
  • Main meeting area with seating capacity of 2000 people with moveable partitions
  • Smaller rooms for church office with library, prayer/fellowship room and translation office, and equipment storage facilities 
Location of Property
  • Alandur, Chennai  (nearby St.Thomas Mount Train Station)
  • The Property area is at St. Thomas Mount, a rapidly growing commercial and residential hub with excellent connectivity to other parts of the city. 
Feasibility of Transportation
  • The nearest urban railway station and metro station is St. Thomas Mount Station. 
  • There are plans to accommodate five modes of public transport close to this property – suburban railway, Southern Railway, Metro Rail, MRTS and public buses
  • The location has excellent accessibility to all the districts of the church in Chennai. 
  • It is located about 6KM from Chennai International Airport (enclosed please find the map)
Size of Property
  • In Square Feet - 20,734
Property Located Road Width
  • 40 feet 
Frontage of the Property facing Road Side
  • 115 feet
Property Price
  • Total Cost: $ 3 million USD 
  • Offering Received: $ 2 million USD
  • Shortage: $ 1 million USD 

James Shau,
Oct 22, 2019, 1:27 PM