2019-10-14 Property in Chennai, India

For the saints in Cupertino, you may give by check payable to the church in Cupertino, or electronically, memo: Chennai property.

Below please find the brief report which provides the details of fellowship regarding the Chennai land acquisition:

Burden - Breakthrough Needed in the Following Areas [for the churches in India]
  • In material offering
  • In experiencing the Body of Christ
  • In the blending among the churches
  • In perfecting the saints for the practice of the God-ordained way 
Usage of the Property
  • Intended for (1) gathering of the church in Chennai and (2) national-wide conferences and trainings 
  • Main meeting area with seating capacity of 2000 people with moveable partitions
  • Smaller rooms for church office with library, prayer/fellowship room and translation office, and equipment storage facilities 
Location of Property
  • Alandur, Chennai  (nearby St.Thomas Mount Train Station)
  • The Property area is at St. Thomas Mount, a rapidly growing commercial and residential hub with excellent connectivity to other parts of the city. 
Feasibility of Transportation
  • The nearest urban railway station and metro station is St. Thomas Mount Station. 
  • There are plans to accommodate five modes of public transport close to this property – suburban railway, Southern Railway, Metro Rail, MRTS and public buses
  • The location has excellent accessibility to all the districts of the church in Chennai. 
  • It is located about 6KM from Chennai International Airport (enclosed please find the map)
Size of Property
  • In Square Feet - 20,734
Property Located Road Width
  • 40 feet 
Frontage of the Property facing Road Side
  • 115 feet
Property Price
  • Total Cost: $ 3 million USD 
  • Offering Received: $ 2 million USD
  • Shortage: $ 1 million USD 

James Shau,
Oct 22, 2019, 1:27 PM