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Reports for Fellowship & Prayer

- 2019 Winter - De Anza College

posted Mar 19, 2019, 5:24 PM by James Shau   [ updated Mar 22, 2019, 10:57 PM by Public Cupertino ]

  • Highlights
    • Twenty plus burdened saints from both Cupertino and Sunnyvale labored together in sweet coordination across the language and locality boundaries, as described in the report last quarter.  We continued to have a BfA table weekly (Thursday) in the cafeteria, regularly having 3 to 4 tables of bible study groups in the cafeteria and/or in the room reserved as the Christians on Campus club. 
    • The Lord is advancing this quarter in many ways!
      • At least 3 new ones starting to join small group meetings regularly; some existing ones also attend the church meetings at increasing frequencies.
      • Increasing in the number of students coming to the Welcome Dinner (11 vs. 6 last quarter);
      • Increasing in the number of students attending the college conference.
      • Increasing in the contacting of students outside of the regular bible study time with many home gatherings and activities.
      • Continual shepherding of and good growth in the ones baptized.
      • Recovered 1 student brother back to the church life. 
      • Increasing in the functioning of students in participating in tabling, inviting friends, and taking care of the student club affairs.
    • We continued to have at least one baptism every month throughout the quarter. Praise the Lord!
  • Stats
    • 69 contacts after the first week tabling; additional 8 over the course of the quarter.
      • Encouraging to see 4 of our own students/new contacts to join the tabling and passing out tracts.
    • Welcome Dinner: 
      • Despite stormy weather, 11 students and 13 serving ones.
      • photo
    • 5 students attending the churches' gospel reaping meeting: 1 baptized; 1 prayed to receive the Lord. 
    • Celebration Dinner:
      • This is our first try to have a celebration dinner time on campus in the end of the quarter (last week of lecture).
      • 4 students and 10 serving ones.
      • All four students shared their enjoyment this quarter. The shepherding saints added on. It was very encouraging to see how seeking they are.
      • Photos: 
    • Near 30 joined the bible study; more than 10 came regularly.   
    • Three students and three serving ones attended the Spring college conference. One student attended the International Chinese-speaking Conference.
    • 3 baptized.
    • 7 +2 students in the church life regularly (Cupertino + Sunnyvale); 16 regulars if including non-church meetings. 
  • Baptisms
    • Andy Yang 2019-01-20 in Cupertino
    • Weiyang Tang 2019-02-17 in Cupertino (just graduated from Santa Clara U)
    • Minah Lin 2019-03-16 in Cupertino after the reaping meeting.
  • Prayer Burdens
    • Continual outreaching and sowing on this campus through tabling and the connections of existing students.
    • The feeding and shepherding of all the baptized ones for them to grow in life as remaining fruit in the church life.
    • The wisdom and labor to bring more seeking ones step by step into the church life.
    • The gradual building up of a student core in De Anza College. 
    • The continual renewing of the vision & burden of the campus work in the serving ones and the supply of grace & strength for the labor in His Body for His increase.

2019 Santa Cruz

posted Feb 2, 2019, 1:06 AM by James Shau   [ updated Feb 2, 2019, 1:08 AM by Public Cupertino ]

Dear Brothers,
Per your request last night, i attach some latest pictures (this year) for your prayer and support, thank you.
1, Campus tabling on 1/10/2019
2. Group meeting on a new open home 1/12/2019
3. Campus club meeting 1/17/2019
4. LD Prophesying meeting 1/6/2019


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