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GTCA 2018 Cupertino & NorCal

Continual GTCA beyond 2018

Our Crown of Boasting: the joy of normal fruit-bearing - not as work or duty but out of a genuine heart & care for people.

Let's continue a gospel-preaching people-caring Christian life and church life. Please continue to use the follow forms to record your activities and contacts and follow-ups with coordination.

Contacts & Followups for Prayer

  • Click the "Followups" sheet to see the list of followups that need prayer!
  • Click the "By Timestamp" sheet to see the list of contacts and followups by latest timestamp first.
  • Click the "By Contact" sheet to see the list of contacts and followups grouped by contacts.
  • If you need to see the contact info (phone number and e-mail etc. for the purpose of followup, please find the info in the Google sheet (or this site page for easier view on a device), which accessible only to those in the group stewards@churchincupertino.org, or explicitly granted access. 
  • Click the "Contacts" sheet to see just the list of contacts (with their index#).

Workplace Bible Studies and Facebook Promotion

Dear saints,

We do believe that the Lord has been with us these past two weeks of NorCal GTCA. We would like to form workplace Bible studies as a way to follow up on some of the contacts we have met, as well as obtain new contacts through social media. We have created a landing page for these Bible studies located at norcalbiblestudy.org.

This landing page can be forwarded to existing contacts for them to sign up for a workplace Bible study. We have also created a Facebook page (see item 2 below) which has a "sign up" button that links to the landing page for the Bible studies. We would like to ask you to help promote this page by:

  1. Forwarding this page (norcalbiblestudy.org) to the appropriate contacts you already have

  2. Promote this page in your Facebook account by following these instructions: Link to instructions

May the Lord continue to bless His move in Northern California

The coordinating brothers

Cupertino Stats

NorCal Stats

Cupertino Signups

James Shau,
Feb 19, 2018, 2:08 PM
James Shau,
Feb 20, 2018, 10:48 AM