About Our Church

    We are a growing Christian Church founded in Detroit in 1839. Currently our Sunday morning services are held in RoyalOak at the Royal Oak Women's Club.

    Our average attendance on Sunday mornings is 20 people, composed of members and regular friends of the church who enjoy an intimate spiritual “family” community. Membership throughout our Michigan Association is 87.

    We offer a supportive learning environment for children. Wholesome Christian values combined with creative and fun activities build strong character and values that will last a lifetime! Sunday mornings offer children time with the pastor and then Sunday School time with volunteers downstairs. All ages welcome!

    This congregation has always been involved in the ministry to people of all faiths. We celebrate the worth and dignity of all in an atmosphere of openness, acceptance, freedom and hope. This is a place where love and spiritual renewal develop and blossom. Your questions, doubts and personal experiences of God are honored and kept in prayer.

    We are an Ecological Covenant Congregation - dedicated to be stewards of the environment through our prayer and worship life, continuing education, and participation in practices that preserve the health of our planet and the many forms of life that depend upon it.

  • Our church is very active in the city of Royal Oak:
  • We contribute to the Judson Center Shelter, the Warming Shelter for the homeless, and Open Hands Food Drive
  • Our pastor is active in the Royal Oak Pastor's Association
  • We participate in yearly ecumenical events at the Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays
  • We are members of the “In-the-Light” interfaith organization

    The congregation is a “Team Ministry,” composed of individuals serving God through the many gifts and talents needed to offer an exciting and supportive spiritual community. Individuals are encouraged to find their unique talents and gifts and to share them within and beyond the church community.