My name is Ifeoma Elizabeth Chukwuka, an adult, old enough to be a good friend. I am 5"11 feet tall. I enjoy making friends.

I had my Bachelors in Public Administration, Master in Human Resources Management, and an MBA (Master of Business Administration) respectively from Saint Francis University in Pennsylvania. As a graduate student, had the opportunity to work as a Graduate Assistant at the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, also did a summer internship with the Human Resource Department at the University. Throughout my academic year in the Human Resource program, I came to realized how great an experience it is being a Graduate Assistant and working as an intern at the Human Resource department which helped me in acquiring the necessary job skills that will prepare me for future challenges and help me in my career pursuit in the ever global changing economy.

I look forward to enroll at a prestigious school for my PhD someday, and also write certification exams in Professional Human Resources (PHR) and Global Professional Human Resource (GPHR), among others.

In the nearest future, I see myself leading a team of experience professionals, where i would use my intellectual abilities to maximize benefits, and minimize losses in a dynamic and competitive global economy.