Ms. Ernau's Homepage

Introduction: Hello and welcome to my homepage...As you probably know, I teach Social Studies and ELA to sixth graders at PVC.  I have been teaching in Croton-Harmon for the past 12 years, in both CET and PVC. I have five additional year's teaching experience prior to coming to Croton. I am very happy to teach Social Studies since I have a background in History.  My undergraduate degree is in Political Science and History and I have a deep passion for the subject.  Before pursuing my graduate degree in Education, I worked in the financial field, as well as working as a program coordinator at Columbia University's Department of War and Peace Studies in the School of International and Public Affairs.  I have received extensive training and professional development in many aspects of literacy since attaining my graduate degree and professional teaching certification from Fordham University.  Although I began my career in the private sector, I have never felt the level of fulfillment and passion that I do as a teacher.  Most importantly, however, is the fact that I am a "die-hard" Yankees fan!!

Name: Katey Ernau
Grade/Subject: 6th Grade Humanities
Room #: 102
Telephone Number: 914-271-2191