What does the CET PTA do and why you should join?

The CET PTA is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization created to enhance and enrich our children's experience at CET. We also strive to promote parent/teacher relationships and work to develop a sense of community for our children through various activities. We host regular meetings as well as 'Principal Coffee' events that deal with specific current educational and social issues affecting our children. We also organize family and school events and raise money to enhance students’ learning experience.  Plus, we use PTA funds to pay for new items and activities that our teachers required to provide our kids with a stimulating and fun learning environment.  These programs would not have been funded at all through other sources without the PTA.

One thing that really makes our PTA different from other PTA's is that we facilitate, organize, and serve school lunches three days a week to over 600 kids per day. The food service program was developed to help busy parents in a school district that has no lunch program. This is a huge undertaking that requires hundreds of volunteer hours and a ridiculous amount of coordination. The CET PTA food service program is not a fundraiser at all. It is just a huge thing we do to help the parents and kids in our school.

The CET PTA helps parents, students, teachers, school staff and our community to work together to share ideas about programs and activities that benefit children.  The CET PTA provides information and resources that strengthen the connections between children, parents, school and the community. The CET PTA strives to make every child’s potential a reality.  Your annual membership dues contribute to the many exciting programs, books and materials that enrich the educational lives of our children.