Where is Mr.  Schroeder 2018-2019

                        1st Hour:      Prep C321
                        2nd Hour:  Honors Integrated Math 2 - C318
                        3rd Hour:  Integrated Math 2 - C318
                        4th Hour:  Honors Integrated Math 2 - C318
                        5th Hour:  MLC - Upper Library
                        6th Hour: Integrated Math 2 CoTaught - C318
                        7th Hour: Prep - C321
                       8th Hour: Honors Integrated Math 2 - C318

                       Tutoring: T, H, F (3-4:30pm);   M, W  (3pm- 3:10pm) in C318

                        Mr. Schroeder


Start where you are.

                                                        Use what you have.

                                                       Do what you can.  --Arthur Ashe                    

About me:  Married with 4 children (25, 21, 18, 12).  Live is Wisconsin (Badger and Packer fan).  Born in St. Louis(Cardinals and Blues fan).  Teaching math since 1990 and have been at Lakes since 2004-2005 school year.  Have coached Cross Country and Track.   Enjoy the outdoors, rustic things, and our beautiful country.  Like to see students succeed and work hard even if it is difficult at first.  Enjoy quotes.  Have three brothers (Whom live in South Dakota, Colorado, Iowa) and one sister (who lives in Maine).  Have one 12 yr old yellow lab, 3 cats under 2 and one beta fish give by a student 2 yrs ago.


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