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Sending You My Heart and Soul Tomorrow...

posted Aug 21, 2018, 2:16 PM by Bradford Hubbard   [ updated Aug 22, 2018, 8:36 AM ]
While CHSD117 students have been back for almost a week now, tomorrow, Calla and Bryn (the #HubbardSisters) return to school. Calla is entering third grade and Bryn is headed into second grade. First of all, where has the time gone?!?! Second, and much more importantly, it is imperative that every educator and administrator know what we as parents are sending you when you open the doors on a new school year and on every school day.

As parents, guardians, and/or adult supporters, we are sending you the most critical pieces of us. Tomorrow, I am sending my heart and soul back to school. Tomorrow, I am sending two of the brightest, cutest, funniest, hardest working, most polite, and intelligent young women to a school they adore. Tomorrow, I am sending my best friends back to be with and learn alongside their friends. Tomorrow, I am sending my 'why' to Prairieview and I hope with all my heart and wish in every breath that they are Prairieview's 'why,' in return.

You see, when we send our children to school, we hope the system exists because of, works for, serves, and takes incredible care of our kids. My kids. I want my daughters to be called by the right names. I want their teachers to learn their stories. I want them to find and use their voices. I want them to be heard. I want them to feel safe. I want them to feel welcomed. I want them to feel liked. And, most importantly, I want them to feel loved.

When you send your child to school, you are sending with them an enormous amount of your trust and responsibility. You expect that they will come home with the same smile, enthusiasm, motivation, passion, and purpose as they went to school with. Every. Single. Day.

But, I know full well that my girls are not the only ones showing up in classrooms tomorrow. Nor am I the only parent, guardian, and/or adult supporter with these seemingly unimaginably high expectations. And that is why Calla and Bryn, the #HubbardSisters, and my best friends are my 'why.'

As an educator myself, I know the only way that they will be included in a system that exists because of, works for, serves, and takes incredible care of them, is to ensure that it does the same for ALL kids. My 'why' is equity. My 'why' is so that we see and embrace the fact that all kids are our kids. My 'why' is so that every adult can send their heart and soul to us with confidence that their student feeds, fuels, and fundamentally is our collective 'why.'

These unimaginably high expectations are not expectations at all. They are the rights of every student we educate and every family we serve. Tomorrow, my daughters go back to school and with unwavering confidence, I know their names will be said correctly; I know their teachers are eager to hear their stories; I know they will find and use their voices; I know they will be heard; I know they will be safe; I know they will feel welcomed; I know they will feel liked; and, I know they will feel loved. Selfishly, I am deeply moved by and appreciative of this being the case for Calla and Bryn. At home, we work really hard to instill into them how fortunate they are that this is their current reality.

Ultimately, what breaks my heart, keeps me up at night, brings a lump into my throat (as I write this), produces tears in my eyes, and keeps me steadfast on this journey, is the fact that not every student in every school can say this. Not every family in every community can say this. Until they can, we still have the most important work in the world left to do and I am committed to fighting for, championing, and being an ally to that end.

Have a great year, Calla and Bryn...know that your dad is more proud of you than you will ever know. And, thank you, Prairieview for all you have and will continue to do with and for my heart and soul, Calla and Bryn.