Christel House DORS is a tuition free high school for adults over the age of 18 who still need to earn their high school diploma. Students from Christel house DORS work towards a Core 40 or Honors diploma while also earning dual credits or career certifications. Dual credit courses allow students that are academically eligible to earn credits at Ivy Tech Community College that also count towards their high school course requirements. DORS students receive extensive support balancing high school and college courses at the same time, all while maintaining the demands of adulthood outside of school.

Not only do students prepare for life after earning their diploma through those dual credit and career certification opportunities, our College and Careers Coordinator supports our alumni for up to five years after graduation to support them in their transition to college, training programs, apprenticeships, or the workforce.

DORS is designed to be a unique school with flexible scheduling and resources custom designed to meet the needs of adult students. We have several locations throughout the city and offer classes during the morning, afternoon, and evening. Our teachers use individual student data to drive instruction to meet students where they are at and push them to where they need to be to graduate. Intentional interventions are put in place to ensure that students have the foundational skills needed to succeed at a high academic level. Some students need intense English language services, some students need extensive remediation, some are right on grade level, and some need college level material to be truly challenged - we work hard to ensure each student gets exactly what they need to be set up for success.

Additionally, our support staff provides wraparound services to help students with outside needs that may interfere with their ability to focus on academics We work closely with many community partners that are incredible resources for our students in areas ranging from energy assistance to mental health services and beyond. We strive to be truly transformational and help every student and staff member continuously strive to be their best self!

Christel House DORS opened in 2012 with our South and Ivy Tech locations, serving 175 students. We expanded to open our West campus in 2015 and have grown to over 600 students across the three campuses.

If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us.